Crossing the Atlantic: Adaptive DNS Transformations in Europe, Part 1

No matter what business you’re in or where you’re located, your IT infrastructure is the backbone of your operation.

No matter what business you’re in or where you’re located, your IT infrastructure is the backbone of your operation. In the first of this two part series, you’ll see how BlueCat’s scalable Adaptive DNS transformations helped improve the productivity, security, and reliability of a wide variety of European companies, from IT to education to industrial drilling and grinding to multimedia, broadcast and production. With operations in eight countries across the globe, the only thing more diverse than BlueCat’s offices is our customer base.

W&W Informatik, Information Technology

W&W DNS transformation

W&W (Wüstenrot & Württenbergische) is an IT company based in Ludwigsburg, Germany. Their growing network consists of 50,000 IP addresses (35,000 dynamic client IP addresses and 15,000 static IP addresses), supporting 20,000 users who typically connect through a local area network (LAN). An additional 15,000 remote workers and 4,500 remote office locations rely on VPN to connect to the network.

Before BlueCat…

As a growing company with new offices opening regularly, W&W quickly realized they needed a flexible, automated network management solution. Their DDI platform at the time just couldn’t keep up with business demands. Asset allocation, upgrades and changes were extremely cumbersome to implement, and the tired infrastructure resulted in decreased performance, productivity, and reliability. W&W knew it was time for a change. Their current network just couldn’t support the company’s growth.

After BlueCat…

BlueCat helped W&W centralize and consolidate their network while improving redundancy and security. They’ve experienced a marked increase in productivity while reducing downtime to virtually zero – all without restructuring their architecture. With their previous DNS provider, DHCP requests that used to take 24 hours to handle, are now managed in just minutes.

W&W’s new scalable, streamlined DNS solution makes upgrades easier while meeting the enterprise’s fast-changing business requirements.

TYROLIT, Industrial Drilling and Grinding

Europe DNS transformation

TYROLIT is one of the world’s leading producers of industrial grinding, cutting, drilling and dressing tools. Based in Austria, TYROLIT employs 4,500 employees across 12 countries. And like any multi-national enterprises, they rely heavily on their IT infrastructure (of 15,000+ IP addresses) to support many remote sites and thousands of users.

Before BlueCat…

TYROLIT’s previous DDI platform was working perfectly fine…until their Microsoft DHCP server crashed in 2010. Downtime, loss of productivity, a big financial hit and a bruised reputation, forced them to look for a new solution. As a global enterprise, this problematic outage opened up their eyes to the importance of having a robust, resilient infrastructure.

After BlueCat…

TYROLIT chose BlueCat’s scalable, forward-thinking technologies to keep their business up and running. A straightforward migration that only took a few weeks made the company’s core networks more redundant and resilient, while saving on administration time and effort. Markus Vetter, TYROLIT Systems Administrator, shared his enthusiasm for BlueCat’s implementation:

“One feature we find indispensable is the ability to perform network discovery and IP reconciliation… We can quickly find IP conflicts between the IPAM system and the network, reclaim unused IP addresses… locate rogue devices… and even document the physical location of any connected IP address.”

By reducing administrative overhead, the company was able to reassign both staff and network resources other projects. It’s no wonder TYROLIT is more efficient than ever.

Stay tuned for part two of our series and find out how our European customers are leveraging the power of BlueCat Adaptive DNS to their advantage.

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