BlueCat brings DDI automation to ServiceNow

BlueCat now offers its powerful automation capabilities through the ticketing infrastructure of ServiceNow.

IT teams rely on ServiceNow to provide automated, self-service fulfillment of common tasks.  Leveraging the wide variety of integrations and plug-ins available on the ServiceNow app store, IT teams can instantly fulfill service requests without the need for a manual approval process.

BlueCat has long been a proponent of automating standard DNS, DHCP, and IPAM (DDI) tasks.  That’s why we created DNS Gateway – a flexible, Python-driven automation platform which eliminates the errors and guesswork associated with manual core infrastructure updates.

Now BlueCat offers Gateway’s powerful automation capabilities through the ticketing infrastructure of ServiceNow.

DDI automation with ServiceNow

Using our new BlueCat Service Catalog (available on the ServiceNow app store), IT teams can push out self-service DDI functionality to end users through the same ServiceNow UI they know and love.

End users get the services they need without waiting for an admin.  Admins meet their SLAs while maintaining control over the back-end.  Everybody wins.

BlueCat’s new adaptive plug-in for ServiceNow also leverages existing role-based access controls (RBAC) to simplify system integrity and network security.  Gateway has always allowed network admins to control who can change network infrastructure.  With the new plug-in, those controls are based on inherited roles drawn directly from ServiceNow.  No need to set up new permissions – they’re already there, ready for you to use.

The back-end integration is seamless.  If you’ve got DNS Integrity and DNS Gateway, all you have to do is download the adaptive plug-in for ServiceNow and customize the settings to fit your environment and operational requirements.  BlueCat and ServiceNow do the rest.

BlueCat’s ServiceNow offering

The BlueCat Service Catalog enables self-service for a wide range of common DDI management tasks:

  • End users can automatically add, modify, and delete host records, alias records, and IP addresses.
  • Administrators can make BlueCat configurations and views non-selectable for users, ensuring that only authorized personnel can make changes to critical infrastructure.
  • End-users can also automatically validate IP addresses, host names, and MAC addresses.

Learn more about the BlueCat ServiceNow integration in the ServiceNow App Store or check it out on our GitHub repository, BlueCat Labs.

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