Sync ServiceNow tickets and IPAM with CMDB Plug-In

With BlueCat’s ServiceNow Configuration Management Database, admins can break the silos between ServiceNow and IPAM to improve IT ticket fulfillment.

It has never been more critical to fulfill troubleshooting and IT requests with timely service-level agreements (SLAs).

Today’s networked enterprise is growing in complexity as it extends to the cloud and adds new branch offices. Businesses can’t grow or accelerate time-to-revenue without lightning-fast responsiveness to IT tickets across the network.

To support the collection and triage of these requests, enterprises use ServiceNow with dedicated administrators. Indeed, ServiceNow helps admins automate request management and fulfillment.

ServiceNow and IPAM silos create challenges

However, the separate silos of ServiceNow and IP address management (IPAM), which is controlled by network admins, create a unique challenge for ServiceNow admins. Although integrations can check IP addresses against user-submitted tickets to reduce errors, ServiceNow consoles do not contain all device and network data. There is no capability for end-to-end automated fulfillment and centralized system investigation.

As a result, the silos between ServiceNow and IPAM impact SLAs. ServiceNow admins must:

  • Manually move between tools to gain additional context on tickets; and
  • Wait on network admins to bridge the gap on ticket fulfillment.

CMDB Adaptive Plug-In Synchronizes Network Assets

To meet silo challenges head-on, enterprises can use BlueCat Adaptive Plugins for ServiceNow (available in Service Now’s BlueCat DDI Service Catalog) and the ServiceNow Configuration Management Database (CMDB).

The ServiceNow CMDB Adaptive Plugin allows an enterprise to synchronize its network and device assets from BlueCat’s IPAM tool, Address Manager, into a standard configuration management system. This integration allows ServiceNow administrators to:

  1. Improve automation of complex ticket fulfillment that is prone to manual errors.
  2. Speed up time-to-investigate tickets within ServiceNow using up-to-date BlueCat Address Manager device and network data.
  3. Merge BlueCat and other sources of data to extend visibility.

Demo of BlueCat's CMDB Adaptive Plugin to synchronize ServiceNow and BlueCat Address Manager

Learn more about BlueCat’s ServiceNow CMDB Adaptive Plugin in our Adaptive Catalog.

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