BlueCat Integrity 9.4 Deep Dive Webinar

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With our latest release, BlueCat Integrity 9.4 strengthens its automation foundation with new features and enhancements that drive rapid change, increase resilience, and improve enterprise cloud adoption.

Why does this latest release matter?

Integrity 9.4 provides greater efficiency for deploying records and pulling data, and flexibility to make changes or define network relationships via GUI. Time-to-revenue is improved by accelerating network changes, getting ahead of potential resiliency risks, and navigating complex relationships across cloud and virtualized networks. Additionally, you can future-proof your DDI investment with an improved migration engine to move off legacy environments and support for IPv6 dual-stack transport.

Key Integrity 9.4 features

Dynamic deployment

Dynamically deploy DNS records to target DNS zones automatically to meet SLAs in a hybrid environment.

User-defined GUI for links

Use the GUI to create visual links for hybrid cloud between IP addresses, IP networks, or blocks in BlueCat Address Manager.

Service and health telemetry

Stream service metrics for DNS/DHCPv4 and DHCPv6 from virtual and physical appliances and export them to a SIEM or data lake.

ExportEntities API

Provide search-like capability in a structured query and return datasets in bulk.


Query specific fields to return granular data with a single request.

Communication for IPv6-only or dual-stack transport

Top-to-bottom IPv6-only or dual-stack transport support for BlueCat DNS/DHCP Server (BDDS) communications, BDDS to BlueCat Address Manager, replication, and other services such as SNMP, NTP, and syslog.

Data encryption

Ensure DNS and DHCP data is encrypted as updates are made to BlueCat Address Manager from any BDDS appliance.