DHCP Templates

With BlueCat DHCP Templates, extend network templates to DHCP addresses and ranges, eliminating error-prone and time-consuming manual updates.

What is it?

BlueCat DHCP Templates is a smart way of templatizing DHCP options for reserved IP addresses and DHCP ranges, building on top of the DHCP option template features available in BlueCat Address Manager. Network admins can assign DHCP option templates to reserved IP addresses and DHCP ranges. Templates can be updated and reapplied to all linked IP addresses, ranges, and networks in a single operation and  seamlessly executed without leaving BAM, using BlueCat’s Gateway link.

The challenge

Managing and updating DHCP option sets across many locations is an immense administration challenge for network admins. Without an automated approach to update DHCP options, slow and error-prone manual processes create risks to business operations, such as unreachable services that break critical applications due to inconsistent options between scopes.

Streamlines Updates & Assignments

Enhance productivity for DHCP option updates across the network

Complete Visibility

Easily track all elements assigned to a DHCP template

Smart Templatizing

Easily modify DHCP templates to apply everywhere

Key features

  • BlueCat Gateway link – Seamlessly execute operations without leaving BAM by leveraging BlueCat Gateway within the BAM UI.
  • Bulk-Assign Options – Allows you to assign option templates to IP addresses and DHCP ranges.
  • Bulk-update – update templates and re-apply them to IP addresses and DHCP ranges and networks.
  • Tags – All all ranges and DHCP addresses assigned a template tag for easy tracking.

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