How are your peers navigating disruption in IT?

Technology leaders trade notes on the Network Disrupted podcast hosted by BlueCat Chief Strategy Officer Andrew Wertkin.

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S1E1: “How do I enable my organization?”

In this episode, Andrew Wertkin sits down with David Markwell, SVP of Technology at Canada’s grocery and pharmacy leader. They talk about:

  • Technology’s responsibility to the business
  • How to move from supporting technology projects to driving overarching business objectives
  • Loblaw’s forward-looking investments in the cloud, SD-WAN, and more
  • The way David branched out from being a ‘technology leader’ into a business leader

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“An important listen for leaders of all stripes…”  –BMC’s 16 Must-Listen Podcasts for IT/Tech Pros

S1E6: “How did they adopt SD-WAN so fast?”

In this episode, Andrew Wertkin sits down with Anshuman Awasthi, Director of Infrastructure & Engineering at an international retailer whose furniture we all love. They cover:

  • Why his team chose to adopt SD-WAN before its relative popularity
  • How he leveraged vendor partnerships to tailor emerging solutions
  • How they determined requirements for the evolving technology
  • What securing traffic in this new world looked like

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S1E3: “How do I interpret business requirements?”

In this episode, Andrew Wertkin sits down with Jon Macy, Director at Cerner, a healthcare IT powerhouse. They talk about:

  • How he balances single customer requirements and popular requests
  • How he engages with the business
  • The business-focused platform-as-a-sservice he’s effectively built for Cerner
  • What he thinks makes a valuable technology partnership

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More episodes…

S1E2: “Is there one right way to roll out new technology?”

Andrew and Mathew Chase, VP of IT at Ellucian, talk Shadow IT, being a business partner, and being the department of ‘yes’.


S1E7: “How do I up-skill my team for digital transformation?”

Andrew and Tom Sweet, VP of Engineering at GM Financial, talk training programs, keeping up with the cloud-ashians, and unified engineering.


S1E8: “How do I nurture innovation at a federal agency?”

Andrew and Chad Sheridan, former Service Delivery Chief with the USDA, talk innovation in government and switching from project to portfolio thinking.


S1E5: “Is AI a dirty word?”

Andrew and Vishal Gupta, CTO at Unisys, talk about AI’s practical applications for cybersecurity and how Unisys is approaching up-skilling its employees.


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