Your attack surface just got bigger.

So BlueCat Threat Protection just got better.

Oh, and it’s free for six months if you sign up by December 30th, 2020

If you’re like most companies, you’ve just had to pivot to support a 100% work-from-home reality. Nice work! Unfortunately, the hard work of protecting your employees from themselves starts now.

Working from home, employees are more vulnerable than ever before… They’re more susceptible to sophisticated phishing attacks, which means they’re more likely to put your corporate data at risk. Many of them are using new DNS over HTTPS (DoH) services that make it even harder for you to do your job.

That’s why we’ve significantly enhanced BlueCat Threat Protection. Now it:

  • Uses industry-leading CrowdStrike threat intelligence
  • Integrates with BlueCat Integrity and BlueCat DNS Edge
  • Includes a BlueCat curated DoH Public Server list so you can block those pesky DoH attempts on your network

You can be up and running in minutes.

Comprehensive Threat Coverage

Enrich DNS with crowdsourced data

Defend against attacks with real-time threat intelligence on millions of domains associated with 100+ unique malware families and 30+ unique threat types.

Continuous Updates & Expertise

Access real-time intelligence & skills

Enrich DNS data powered by insights from 30B+ events per day and analyzed by an elite team of threat analysts, and security researchers.

Enhanced Threat Classification

Secure devices at the network edge

Prioritize threat activities based on severity, frequency, and confidence.

Eliminate Security Blind Spots

Capture and share security insights

Correlate detailed information with other data sources by integrating with existing security investments and popular SIEMs.


Leverage DNS to Secure Your Business


Defense-in-depth with BlueCat threat feeds


Stop advanced threats with BlueCat Threat Protection

Fortify your DNS firewall with Threat Protection

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