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Are You Worried About Network Security? Then Discover the Power of BlueCat’s Cutting-Edge DDI Solutions!

Hey there, I’m Hiroki Nakahara, and I’m on a mission to keep your network and your business safe from growing DNS security threats. 

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What is BlueCat Edge?


BlueCat Edge is the ultimate DNS security solution, trusted by Japan’s leading businesses.

With powerful defences against denial of service, domain generation spoofing, and other DNS hijacking threats, you’ll sleep easy knowing your network is safe.

Edge also helps enforce Zero Trust DNS security to take your security to the next level.

We work closely with our clients to implement powerful hybrid cloud platforms. Our solutions are custom-designed to deliver the unmatched performance and flexibility your business demands. 

Don’t wait another second to join the winning team – let’s talk about how Edge can revolutionise your network security!

Stop Attacks at the Network Edge with BlueCat Edge

Deploy zero-trust DNS network security policies and protect your network from cyber threats in both cloud and on-premises environments.

Fortify Your Network with BlueCat Edge’s Bulletproof DNS Security

Utilise Service Points, our lightweight and scalable cloud-managed software that delivers resilient and secure DNS, to protect your network from cyber threats.

Empower Your Existing Security Tools’ with BlueCat Edge

Easily integrate your DNS query, block lists, and threat data with leading security intelligence solutions like Splunk, CrowdStrike, and other third-party threat feeds, to enhance your threat visibility and strengthen your security posture.

Now is the time to level up your network security game.

Why risk being the victim of cyber attacks?When instead, you can protect your network with BlueCat’s cutting-edge DDI solutions.

With our help, you can reduce operating costs and have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your network is safe and secure.

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