BlueCat Cloud Resolver

Tame the complexity of cloud DNS by simplifying resolution to improve service delivery.

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Learn how the first cloud-native DNS resolver can provide immediate resolution to and across any cloud.

Resolve across the most complex cloud deployments

Cloud Agnostic

Ensure private endpoints can resolve across AWS, Azure, and GCP.

Tame complexity

Automate the management of conditional forwarders wherever zone changes occur.

Ensure DNS resolution

Avoid resolution conflicts caused by duplicate zone names within hybrid cloud. 

Cloud-Native, Cloud-Discovered

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Cloud Aware

Discover all zones instantly with a direct path to resolution for all private endpoints.

Fast Discovery

Discover any new or altered zones in real time to ensure DNS never fails.

Automate Reverse Zones

Eliminate the manual task of generating reverse zones that security tools require​.

Confidently manage any combination of cloud DNS


Optimized to live in any cloud and scale up or down based on workloads.

Easy Deployment

Rapidly deploy a cloud resolver to any region using popular automation tools like Terraform.

Maximize Adoption

Fully embrace  multi-cloud without slowing down resolution.

BlueCat Cloud Resolver is a godsend. People create a bunch of junk in the cloud, and you need to know what’s out there. Cloud Resolver goes out and finds every virtual network and every DNS zone. I can create a domain list, and now, I can use DNS Edge as my traffic cop. Without this, I would be lost. EMA White Paper — From DIY DDI to BlueCat: Customers Earn ROI Within Three Months (November 2023)

Cloud Resolver Features

  • DNS resolution: Resolution for all queries made to a single cloud conditional forwarder for discovered zones using any available connector.
  • Comprehensive discovery: Continuous role-based discovery of all DNS-related cloud information.
  • Auto-configuration: Based on discovered cloud resources, Cloud Resolver configures BlueCat Edge conditional forwarders to direct appropriate queries to Cloud Resolver for resolution.
  • Cloud-native deployment: Cloud Resolver is easily deployed using automation tools such as Terraform.

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