An extensible DDI platform for integrated DNS, DHCP, and IPAM

Unify, simplify, and automate your DNS, DHCP, and IPAM core services with Integrity—the extensible DDI platform that helps your business accelerate network modernization.


Automate network discovery and manage DNS/DHCP servers, and track IP assignments, network allocation, and resource records from a single web interface.


Automate all aspects of DDI via RESTful APIs. Build seamless interoperability with existing IT systems and workflows.


Detect and block DNS-based threats and mitigate security risks associated with DNS hijacking and cache poisoning, DHCP snooping, and IP address conflicts.


Optimize performance and reliability of DNS and DHCP services with load balancing, optimized DNS resolution times, network failover, and scaling DHCP servers.


Get granular control over configurations, policies, and access for compliance and security.

What is Integrity?

Integrity simplifies the management of IP addresses, DNS configurations, and DHCP configuration across the most complex network infrastructures. Powered by RESTful APIs, Integrity automates all aspects of DDI management.

By consolidating DDI visibility and management, Integrity helps network, security, and cloud/DevOps teams collaborate—to manage, protect, and build on the network as one integrated group.

With an automation-first DDI platform validating and optimizing every query and endpoint, your business has the core services foundation it needs to accelerate network modernization initiatives that help the whole business move faster from remote work to cloud adoption, IoT, SASE, and beyond.

The Integrity DDI platform comprises BlueCat Address Manager (BAM) and BlueCat DNS and DHCP servers (BDDS):

BlueCat Address Manager (BAM)

BlueCat Address Manager is a powerful IPAM solution that provides a single pane of glass to manage every device and reconcile every IP space across your network.

  • Central management of every device
    See and manage every device connected to your network from a single pane of glass
  • Manual tasks eliminated
    Use templated and automated workflows to manage DNS/DHCP servers, track IP address assignments, allocate resources, and more
  • Role-based access control
    Ensure only the right users can create, manage or delete host and CNAME records, DHCP ranges and reservations
  • Simplicity at its core
    Enjoy a clean, modern and intuitive UI that lowers the technical barrier for managing the complex core services underpinning your network
  • Improved security and reliability
    Get network actionable insight into the relationship between devices, users, and IP addresses

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DNS and DHCP: BlueCat DNS/DHCP Server (BDDS)

BlueCat BDDS consolidates DNS and DHCP services into one hardened and highly available appliance. Bring control, transparency, and automation to DNS and DHCP across every data center, branch, and cloud in your whole network.

BDDS RFC compliance
DNS/DHCP servers are unconditionally compliant with applicable RFC standards.

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Unify and automate

Consolidate DDI to see everything and enable template-based provisioning

Accelerate modernization

Ensure network serves daily needs and evolves to meet bigger strategic projects

Improve security

Automate threat protection and reduce your blind spots

Optimize performance

Ensure traffic resolves along the fastest pathways

Deploy and scale anywhere

Any cloud, data center, and branch

Integrity in the cloud

The bigger (and faster) your cloud footprint grows, the harder consistent and centralized IP address and DNS management becomes.

Integrity helps network teams accelerate cloud adoption while minimizing complexity through Cloud Discovery & Visibility.

Cloud Discovery & Visibility

Cloud Discovery & Visibility is an application within BlueCat Integrity that discovers the entirety of your on-prem and multicloud footprint, and streams that data to your IP address manager.

Network teams get a single, seamless view of the whole IP space synchronized with the pace of fast-moving cloud and DevOps teams—so as your cloud footprint grows, you can manage workloads, provision addresses, and remediate issues from one place.

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Simple and powerful network automation

RESTful APIs, accessed directly from the BAM, allow you to test your changes before putting them into production. You can automate DNS, DHCP, and IPAM activities against a single source of truth, empowering citizen developers who don’t know DDI to build what they need, quickly and within policies and standards you set.

BlueCat Gateway gives you powerful out-of-the-box network automations that help everyone who touches your network—from security to cloud/DevOps to network teams—get what they need out of your DNS.

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Network threat protection that hardens your security posture

BlueCat’s network Threat Protection combines security intelligence with automation to provide a coordinated defense against malicious content and infected devices. Your DNS servers will be subscribed to CrowdStrike threat feeds (the most active repository of threat intelligence in the industry) and automated with updates that block emerging threats.

Additional features

Plug and play automation

Open, well-documented, and vendor-agnostic RESTful APIs are easily accessible, improve operational efficiency, reduce repetitive tasks, and integrate with third-party tools.

Role-based controls

Define users with different levels of access, including multiple administrative users.

Data visualization and reporting

An instant view of your entire network structure, usage patterns, and utilization statistics. Reports include a DHCP heat map, IP allocation, and DNS deployment roles throughout the network.

Easy filtering

A helpful way to sort, search, and filter large tables of data to improve how you view and manage data from your network environment. Organize by blocks and networks, IP addresses, DNS zones, DNS resource records, external host record, or locations.

Response policy zones

BlueCat Threat Protection prevents access to known malicious sites. Manually define response policies to configure DNS resolvers to respond to DNS queries for a particular zone or host how you want—like blocking user queries for malicious or illegal content. You can also use our add-on security feed to automate blocking new threats as they pop up.

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