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Network VIP (NVIP) is the place to connect with other DNS professionals.

Hosted by BlueCat Networks, NVIP offers one of the best spaces on Slack for networking professionals to, well, network. The NVIP community is more than 1,000 members strong (and growing!).

In NVIP, you’ll find peer-to-peer collaboration, product troubleshooting help, and discussions about topics of interest. Whether you want to talk about BlueCat Address Manager configurations, another vendor’s product, or what meat you love to grill, NVIP is open to it all.

How do I become an NVIP?

Easy! All are welcome to apply to join the fun we’re having in NVIP.

However, we do believe in having the right people in this community—namely, those that are passionate about DNS and networking. We’re on the lookout for people who are passionate about DNS and willing to share their knowledge about the industry and help their colleagues by giving back. Or maybe you’re new to DNS and are just curious to learn more—we want you, too. In all cases, this is not a community to sell you things. And there is no requirement for you to be a BlueCat customer.

Unlike other communities, we do not limit when you can apply. Our door is always open.

NVIP community benefits

  • An invite to our private NVIP Slack community
  • A monthly roundup e-mail newsletter, The Cache Up
  • Opportunities to provide feedback directly to BlueCat
  • Exclusive swag gifts for new members and prizes for participation
  • The opportunity to be featured in blogs, panels, and community-led discussions
  • Access to private beta testing (subject to admission by BlueCat beta teams)

Are you a BlueCat customer?

For NVIP members who are BlueCat customers, you’ll get direct access to our product managers and solutions experts. You may also have opportunities to provide input on product roadmaps and get early hands-on access to product releases.

Seated man looks at laptop

Interested? To apply, fill out our form below with your contact details. We also ask that you briefly share one key learning in the comment section that has helped you effectively manage DNS within your organization. A member of our community team will be in touch with you shortly after.

Application to join NVIP

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