Fast and flexible DNS, DHCP, and IPAM consolidation paves the way for network automation

Modernize your network and gain visibility with a DDI orchestration overlay that’s incredibly easy to implement and use—no matter how complex your cloud and on-premises network architecture is or who touches it. Make provisioning, access, and control faster and more secure.

Take control of your network

Your whole core services infrastructure at a glance. See new and existing DNS, DHCP and IPAM information—for every data center, cloud and branch network—in Micetro’s intuitive UI, including account information, search and filtering and categorization.

Track, allocate and control every address in your IP space. Automatically find the next available IP when bringing new services with DNS information to market.

Micetro has an API-first ethos. Create self-service portals, make automation easy for your DevOps teams and integrate with third-party systems for observability, network management and approval workflows.

Stay ahead of the curve with at-a-glance utilization information, smart health-check alerts and easy configuration of scheduled or triggered events.

Simple and clear visualizations (of DHCP allocations, subnets, address spaces and more) make it easy to plan and design your networks for optimal performance and reliability.

DDI is the often overlooked but critical layer of your infrastructure that turns user journeys into network queries. Micetro consolidates DNS, DHCP, and IPAM into a transparent and automation-ready DDI solution so you can serve users faster, secure your environment, and make way for the stuff you’re excited about.

What is DDI orchestration?

DDI—short for DNS, DHCP, and IPAM—brings core network services together into a unified capability.

DDI orchestration visualizes and automates these services from a single source of truth—so you get more transparency, self-service and control with fewer conflicts and outages.

Two ways to see Micetro

Free trial

Get a centralized view of your DNS, DHCP and IPAM environment in 30 minutes by non-disruptively connecting Micetro to your core network services

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Live demo

Get a guided tour of Micetro to ask questions and see how core features work (like services orchestration and role-based control)

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Key features

Effortless transparency and powerful automations

Visualize your whole network footprint in one place and automate manual tasks like logging changes, making configuration changes and provisioning resources.

Simplify multicloud complexity

Connect to any cloud DNS service to centralize and control your multicloud DNS environment.

Integrate across your whole network

Native connections and a unified API unlock complex end-to-end automations between third party systems and applications.

Role-based access control (RBAC)

Simple, fine-grained RBAC integrates with Active Directory, LDAP services, Microsoft Entra ID, Okta, and other cloud identity services giving you granular control over your entire environment in a consistent way via APIs.

Rapid change management

Update workflows without disrupting existing services or architectures.

Easy troubleshooting for your networks

Quick visibility into the most recent network changes or changes associated with a person so you can revert and fix quickly.

Abstracted and service-agnostic

Other teams can continue using their preferred services but you’ll still have all the info and control in one place.

DDI that meets you where you are

Micetro can fit around your network needs, wherever you are in your modernization journey. You can use it as an overlay, run it on a hardened BlueCat appliance—or both.

Overlay only:

Use Micetro as a software-based overlay for your existing DNS, DHCP and IPAM tools—to unify and orchestrate cloud-based and on-prem environments from one place.

Overlay plus appliances:

Use Micetro to manage DNS, DHCP and IPAM delivered through BlueCat Appliances, or a mix of appliances and your current services.

Managing Microsoft DNS with Micetro

Whether you’re using on-premises Microsoft snap-ins across several servers or Azure DNS in the cloud, Micetro provides you with a centralized view of your entire DNS environment. You’ll never be stuck parsing through system logs again—retrieve all the information you need through the Micetro UI or API.

Integration with Active Directory and Microsoft Entra ID

keep your users and groups and get granular role-based access control to manage your DNS down to the zone

Agent-free operations

avoid having to install and maintain third-party agents as only one agent is required to handle remote DNS/DHCP server communications

Centralized view of all AD forests, sites, and subnets

easily manage mergers and acquisitions with DNS visibility, observability, and control of all in one place

Support for mixed environments

view and manage your Microsoft DNS services alongside other cloud and on-premises solutions like AWS, Akamai, Cisco, etc.

Proactive triggers and alerting

automatically run external scripts when object properties are modified, zones are changed, or the number of free IP addresses falls below your threshold

[With Micetro] we can see the whole IP space, knowing which IP is mapped to which name. It’s much easier to see what’s free and where we want to put things, rather than probing the IPs one by one through DNS.”

The Tolly Test Report

Charlie Alvarez, IAM Service Owner, National Instruments

Free trial

See for yourself how easy and intuitive Micetro is. It takes about half an hour to run a proof of concept for you, and you’ll gain insight into your IP networks without paying a dime.

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