Simple, automated multicloud management

To get the most value from your cloud journey, you need a multicloud management platform that decouples network growth from network complexity—by bringing unified visibility across data centers, branches, and public and private cloud networks.

End-to-end visibility and optimization

Automatically discover, inventory, and synchronize IP and DNS configurations across hybrid and multicloud environments

Secure and authoritative resolution

Seamless, accurate, and performant hybrid and cross-cloud resolution across all DNS zones for every cloud type and account

Frictionless innovation

Cloud and DevOps teams can self-provision the compute they need to build and deploy apps across any cloud—without creating conflicts or blindspots

“Centralized visibility and control over IP address assignments” was cited as the most important requirement for IP address management in the public cloud.

DDI Directions: DDI Strategies for the Multi-Cloud Era

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Multicloud discovery and visibility, everywhere your business grows

To thrive in a hybrid world, you need effortless multicloud discovery and visibility that reaches from the core of your network to any data center, branch, and public or private cloud environment.

As the traditional network edge becomes a relic, end-to-end visibility and control from a centralized and automated multicloud management platform helps your organization get more value from every step of your cloud journey.

Network teams

can use simple, automated workflows to configure devices and provision and reconcile IP addresses and DNS records

Security teams

can eliminate blind spots, quickly sift through only the relevant DNS queries, and secure a growing and fluid attack surface with minimal intervention

Cloud and DevOps

can quickly and safely spin up cloud infrastructure to build and deploy services and applications that help your business grow

Cloud Discovery & Visibility: Total control from one place

BlueCat Cloud Discovery & Visibility is an out-of-the-box application that retrieves and imports DNS data from Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud into an IP address manager.

The result is that you can see the entirety of your on-premises and multicloud footprint at the push of a button—which automatically stays up to date with fast-moving cloud and DevOps teams.

Cloud Resolver: Instant resolution across any cloud, region, or virtual network

A multicloud management platform is only as robust as its cloud resolver.

The further into your cloud adoption journey you are, the more exposed your DNS infrastructure becomes to an almost infinite number of potential regions and virtual networks.

Plus, zone and record changes happen constantly in the cloud across multiple accounts, virtual private clouds, and so on. So how do you consistently resolve queries quickly, efficiently, and accurately while minimizing DNS redundancies, overlapping zones, and endless forwarding rules?

Cloud Resolver is a single resolution layer and real-time database that resolves queries across any combination of subscriptions, regions, and cloud platforms to ensure a performant and localized experience for every query.

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Intelligent forwarding for optimal pathing at cloud scale

Conditional forwarding quickly becomes impossibly complex with multicloud environments.

To tie public and private DNS paths together, network teams are forced to manage, track, and change forwarding rules between multiple divergent cloud tools and DNS interfaces. It’s manual, brittle, and error-prone.

To escape from the avalanche of manual conditional forwarding rules, you need an intelligent forwarding solution that automatically resolves queries along optimal pathways—across every cloud, subscription, region, virtual network, and virtual private cloud.

Additional features

Environment agnostic

Enjoy simple command and control for on-premises, virtual, multicloud, and private cloud environments.


Accelerate application delivery with an easy-to-use RESTful API to fully automate configuration and deployment for dev, test, and production environments.

DevOps-ready integration

Integrate seamlessly with native DNS and IP configuration services offered by cloud providers.


Tailor cloud workflows to meet your defined business requirements and use our APIs and automation platform to integrate with other software for end-to-end automation.

Continuous updates

Automate discovery and real-time synchronization, ensuring up-to-date visibility and awareness of host and/or record changes, additions, or deletions.

Smart security

Accelerate incident investigation and remediation by logging and centralizing a single source of truth for all host and record additions, changes, and deletions.

BlueCat Edge is our intelligent DNS resolver. It’s a caching and recursion layer that works in partnership with DDI products like Integrity and Micetro to handle outbound requests to the internet.

Edge deploys as a virtual machine at the first hop of every DNS query in your environment, tying every external request to a specific device (without needing an agent).

Tame complexity

Monitor and analyze every query and IP address to get full context—from one place and across any data center or cloud.

Drive performance

Reduce congestion and improve reliability with multiple optimized resolution paths and fewer overlapping zones.

Stop threats

Detect and stop external threats like tunneling, beaconing, domain generation algorithms, lateral attacks, and data exfiltration.

Prevent downtime

Create DNS redundancy for any environment. Centralize all DNS resolution under Edge, or failover to it from cloud-native DNS resolution.


Resolve cloud queries quickly to ensure high performance with the cloud-native DNS resolver, which provides immediate resolution to and across any data center, cloud, or private virtual network.

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