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BlueCat provides a suite of solutions that help network, security, applications, and cloud/DevOps teams optimize the IP environment for outcomes that drive the business forward.

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We built our reputation on helping companies unify DNS, DHCP, and IP address management —or DDI—for unparalleled visibility and control. Our DDI platform was recognized as a market leader and outperformer in the 2022 and 2023 GigaOm Radar reports that evaluated all DDI vendors. And we’ve added a suite of products for companies looking to modernize their networks to meet new demands and threats—and rise to internal transformation initiatives.

We’re headquartered in Toronto and New York and have additional offices all over the globe, including Germany, Iceland, Japan, Serbia, Singapore, and the United Kingdom.

Our mission: Help enterprises achieve network modernization objectives

Robust, secure, reliable networks are a key player in business continuity and transformation—but it’s getting harder to manage them as the floor and the ceiling of networking requirements rise together.

More traffic from more users, customers, and devices, across more regions and clouds

More complexity from ambitious transformation initiatives

In most organizations, the key teams who build on your networks—from DevOps to cloud to applications—are working at cross purposes. They’re driving uncoordinated change that slows modernization. Speed falls. Risk rises. Shadow IT abounds.

But there’s a way to bring them together. Native DNS, DHCP, and IPAM tools are too manual and limited to facilitate change at the speed the business demands: the network is inflexible. We want to help you build an IP and DNS environment that’s optimized for your organization’s strategic objectives: a network that acts as a change catalyst.

See how you can achieve a change-ready network helps you effortlessly manage and secure traffic to support any transformation goal.

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Organizations of all sizes need to level up their networks to support transformation initiatives. And they need expertise to get there, which is why we invest in supporting and rewarding our partners.

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DNS touches every critical network application, so it should integrate seamlessly. Learn more about integrating DDI into your product.

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Our Leadership Team

Stephen Devito

Chief Executive Officer, Director

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David Duncan

Chief Marketing Officer

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Scott Fulton

Chief Product and Technology Officer

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Cheryl Kerrigan

Chief People Officer

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Matt Medland

Executive Vice President, Global Engineering

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Petrisa Pecnik

Chief Customer Officer

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Barry Saadatmand

Chief Revenue Officer

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Francisco Velasquez

Chief Financial Officer

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Andrew Wertkin

Chief Strategy Officer, Board Observer

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