The BlueCat portfolio for change-ready networks

Accelerate network modernization. Get fast, predictable, and safe change with a suite of products for centralizing, securing, and enriching your network.

Integrated DNS, DHCP, and IP address management (DDI)

A DDI management platform for large, complex, and mission-critical enterprise environments

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A flexible overlay for orchestrating DDI

Software overlay or appliance-based orchestration for the mid-market that works with existing DDI solutions

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An intelligent DNS resolver for DDI enhancements

Unprecedented visibility and policy-based control of DNS traffic to optimize and secure your network

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A platform for network management automation

Applications and plugins for your DDI business logic that integrate with third-party solutions

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Proactive network observability and repair

Automated health checks of your DDI, firewalls, or load balancers and recommended remediation steps

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