The change-ready network

The link between core services and business agility

It’s never been this hard to manage a network

Not that long ago, reliable and secure global connectivity—between data centers, clouds and branches, across every device, location and cloud—was a big competitive advantage.

Now it’s table stakes.

Networks evolve fast today. Huge feats of expert engineering are quickly metabolized into baseline expectations, and soon replaced by ambitious new requirements.

And if you manage a network, you know this better than anyone: the appetite for change is moving faster than the capacity to deliver it.

The change capacity of your business is capped by the change capacity of your network

Here’s the problem.

The world (your users, your market, and your business) has internalized reliable, secure, and ubiquitous network connectivity as a solved issue.

But legacy DNS, DHCP and IPAM services can barely keep up with baseline daily requirements—let alone new transformation initiatives like Remote work, Cloud adoption, IoT, SASE, SD-WAN…

So while the change environment is accelerating, there’s an avalanche of obstructive complexity in the DNS and IP environment.

We call this disconnect: The Modernization Gap.

Closing the modernization gap

The modernization gap has two main causes.

First, the legacy (often native) DNS, DHCP and IPAM solutions your business started with have fallen way behind the business you’ve become.

Second, as your network requirements have risen, the teams that manage, secure and build on the network have diverged. Network, Security, Cloud and DevOps teams:
Work in different systems
Use different data
Pursue different (sometimes competing) objectives

To close the modernization gap you need two things.

A consolidated and automated DDI system

Unified core services that drive more performance, reliability, and security across the network with less manual work

Shared capabilities for everyone touching the network

To help network, security and cloud teams break out of silos and form one group with shared goals and a coherent view of the environment.

Core services for accelerated network modernization

Core services for accelerated network modernization is our solution to the growing modernization gap in networks today.

It’s a portfolio of products and solutions designed to do two things:

Consolidate, automate and modernize the core services underpinning your daily and transformational network requirements

Empower Network, Security, Cloud and DevOps teams to work together in order to help the business accelerate

The result is core services that optimize your network for change—so that the way you manage, route and secure traffic becomes a competitive advantage (instead of a chokepoint).

The change-ready network

To meet rising user demands

To support transformational initiatives

To help the business unlock new lines of revenue

Our goal is to help every client build a change-ready network that’s effortlessly performant, secure, observable and assured in all contexts.

Change-ready networks are built on a foundation of core services with the automation and transparency needed to orchestrate change, anticipate risk and maintain performance as new network requirements emerge.

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