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Help your customers achieve their network modernization objectives and optimize their IP environment for outcomes that drive the business forward.

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Every business needs DNS, DHCP, and IP address management.

But with cloud, IoT, and other emerging technologies, today’s customers need more specialized, value-added functionality to be successful.

In a market like this, it’s no wonder that partners turn to BlueCat.

We take care of our partners

Our partner ecosystem is essential to our business — that’s why we give our partners the VIP treatment.

Lucrative margins

Get rewarded with some of the most generous margins in the business.

Incentive programs

Earn over and above your margin with regular incentive programs.

Enterprise sales

Integrate BlueCat into existing large-scale deals for additional value and increased margin.

Upsell potential

Move beyond infrastructure with BlueCat’s capabilities for cloud, automation, security, and more.


Get all the information you need to be successful in positioning BlueCat.

Marketing support

Use our customer-facing content to deepen conversations and discover more about your customers’ operational needs.

How we make you money

The BlueCat Partner Program is designed to help your business grow and flex to whatever current demands you’re facing.

We provide our partners with a variety of ways to maximize their profit margins.

Deal registration

Protect your deals and earn a margin enhancement on new opportunities that you find and bring to us.

Teaming plan

Get rewarded for adding value and closing new business opportunities found by you and BlueCat.

Incumbency practice

Keep momentum moving forward by expanding the value of BlueCat to your customers’ environments.

Build on BlueCat foundations

For system integrators and managed service providers, our reliable, sustainable and scalable network makes an excellent, enterprise-grade foundation to build your solution stack on.

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Go beyond DDI

Make your solution stand out by unlocking BlueCat’s wider capabilities—in unified DDI, network automation and integration, security, network observability and health, and multicloud management.

Automate to save money

Increase your network admins’ spare time and reduce back-end costs by automating standard DDI management tasks.

Share our knowledge

We have over 20 years of experience in designing and delivering DNS, and we can give your team whatever training in best practices it needs.

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