Streamline your network operations with advanced automation and integrations

Gateway expands the Integrity platform to help you get the most from your network.

Talk to us about how to use Gateway to unlock automated end-to-end workflows and seamless integration with third-party tools like ServiceNow and Terraform.

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What is Gateway?

Gateway is a Python-based platform that brings together all the building blocks for automating DNS operations into a simple and intuitive development environment. Gateway uses an API with a set of Python classes for integrating third-party solutions with Integrity’s BlueCat Address Manager or BlueCat DNS and DHCP Server, or with Edge.

Users can create custom integrations and plugins that automate DDI-related tasks and streamline network operations. It’s a simple, powerful, and versatile hub for everything from common self-service forms to complex automation workflows.

Accelerate internal requests with self-service IP provisioning

Use our ServiceNow integration to allow compliant self-service network provisioning via tickets for development, DevOps, cloud, and other teams. Gateway will automatically create blocks and scopes that comply with user rules, according to your logic.

Automate configuration management

Create and update key resources such as networks, IP addresses, and DNS records in near real-time. BlueCat’s integration with Terraform means you can apply automation to ensure your BlueCat environments are consistently maintained. Automate against a single source of truth when deploying to public and private cloud environments.

Unlimited DDI customization

Unlike other DDI providers, we’re not trying to lock you into your box. The BlueCat Adaptive Catalog is a collection of applications and plugins that support deep customization—to make your Integrity investment work as hard as possible for you.

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Automate workflows

Gateway’s intuitive UI empowers authorized users to create automation that executes repeatable and complex tasks that comply with your policies—so your cloud and DevOps teams can iterate quickly and safely.

Unified DDI and cross-system automation makes everything easier

Zero-touch automation

Free IT from repetitive network configuration and provisioning tasks


Templatize tasks like DDI provisioning for better policy enforcement and fewer mistakes

Deeper visibility

Continuous discovery and synchronization of cloud-based IP and DNS resources

Additional Gateway features

Simple workflow management

Create custom workflows with UI component fields and import or export workflows and development spaces from any GitHub or GitLab repository.

Innovative customizations

Take advantage of the BlueCat community’s open-source Python scripts in the BlueCat Labs GitHub repository.

Adaptive applications and plugins

Access a robust automation library that facilitates complex automation across third-party solutions.

Logging, monitoring, and reporting

Easily get insight into endpoint health, server status, server logs, user behavior, and more.


Create IT service requests for device registration, onboarding, configuration, permissions management, or anything else with built-in web forms.

Customize BlueCat Gateway

Leverage BlueCat APIs to customize your user experience and workflows that are unique to your environment.

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See DNS automation in action for yourself

Gateway is an application that enhances the Unified DDI capabilities of Integrity. Together, they provide unlimited agility, automation, flexibility, and control for a stronger, faster, and more resilient network.

Talk to us about how Integrity and Gateway work together.

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