Intuitive and easy orchestration for DDI

Users rely on DNS, DHCP, and IP address management (DDI) to get where they’re going on your network. Micetro’s overlay architecture makes DDI orchestration simple.

Future-proof your network with an API-driven, software-defined orchestration solution.

Why should I use Micetro?

Anyone who administers, provisions, or requests DDI services on your network can use Micetro to make moves, additions, or changes simply, quickly, easily, and safely. You can accelerate and eliminate fear from change management with fine-grained and powerful role-based access control, adding a new layer of resilience to your network.

What is Micetro?

Micetro is an easy and intuitive DDI orchestration solution. Like an orchestra maestro, it conducts your existing DDI services using an overlay architecture.

You can rapidly embrace enhanced workflows and a range of out-of-the-box integrations without any disruption to existing services or architectures. By preserving institutional knowledge and expertise, Micetro results in a faster time to value compared to other DDI solutions.

Micetro provides a range of benefits, including:

Investment protection

Flexibility and future-proofing

Greater simplicity

No matter where your services reside

Increased velocity

With unified workflows

Easy integration and automation

Using native connections and a unified API

De-risked and frictionless operations

With built-in prevention and policy enforcement

Where can I use Micetro?

Your network and systems are not static. They grow and change with your services, users, and applications. A good overlay solution meets you where you are and helps you get where you want to go.

Micetro allows you to orchestrate both in the cloud and on premises. With a focus on collaboration, productivity, and first-class APIs, Micetro fits within your network footprint and becomes your all-purpose DDI glue.

DNS management

See and manage every DNS zone you have, whether on premises, in the cloud, both, or somewhere else.

DHCP management

Simple, safe, and effortless management capabilities across every DHCP server in your network.

IP address management (IPAM)

Track subnet utilization, identify stale IP addresses, and manage allocation easily.

Additional features

  • Single source of truth
    Accessible, browser-based interface for DNS, DHCP, and IPAM.
  • Use your network to the fullest
    Platform-agnostic automation through REST, SOAP, and JSON-RPC.
  • Augment your DHCP
    Live scope migration, active lease recovery, and failover support.
  • Hit the ground running
    Seamless, non-disruptive deployment that lets you keep working.
  • Improve your DNS 
    Modern automation, secure redundancy, and multicloud migration.
  • Enhance your IPAM
    Enriched visibility, filtering, and high-frequency reporting.

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