Hybrid Cloud Management

Make work seamless for DevOps and NetOps teams with automated discovery, rapid reconciliation, and unlimited scalability across your entire hybrid cloud estate.
Critical conversations on critical infrastructure

September 15: Where’s the Automation “Promised Land”?

We’re all trying to move at the speed of business now.
That goes double for DevOps.

To be effective, they need to be able to move workloads, spin up and tear down servers at breakneck speed. Hybrid cloud facilitates that — but there’s a catch…

Once DevOps teams start standing up DNS resources across hybrid cloud environments, NetOps teams end up in a time-wasting battle against compounding network complexity, instead of focusing their efforts on innovation and growth.

Enter Hybrid Cloud Management – the cloud DNS solution that puts an end to this costly, outdated paradox.

Cloud Discovery & Visibility

BlueCat simplifies the management of core services, while allowing your NetOps team to provision and deprovision diverse cloud and network resources in real time.

The NetOps team gets complete visibility and control, whether you’re on-prem or in any type of cloud – public, private, multi or hybrid.

Cloud Discovery & Visibility

Smart discovery

Extend visibility from the datacenter to the cloud through automated discovery, inventory, and continuous synchronization of cloud-based IP and DNS configurations.

Rapid response

Reduce problem-remediation time and shorten investigations by automating the reconciliation of IP addresses and DNS records.

Unlimited scalability and performance

Accelerate application delivery and eliminate outages using centralized management and integration with native DNS and IP configuration services.

Critical conversations on critical infrastructure

Find out how your peers are managing their networks through profound change. Watch this series of live interactive discussions with IT pros & join the debate in Slack.

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Additional features

  • Environment agnostic
    Enjoy single-pane of glass command and control for on-prem, virtual, multi-cloud and private cloud environments.
  • Customizable
    Tailor cloud workflows to meet your defined business requirements and share with the broader BlueCat Labs community
  • API-first
    Accelerate application delivery with an easy to use RESTful API to fully automate configuration and deployment for dev, test, and production environments.
  • Continuous updates
    Automate discovery and real-time synchronization, ensuring up-to-date visibility and awareness of host and/or record changes, additions, or deletions.
  • DevOps-ready integration
    Integrate seamlessly with native DNS and IP configuration services offered by cloud providers.
  • Smart security
    Accelerate incident investigation and remediation by logging and centralizing a single source of truth of all host and record additions, changes, and deletions.

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