Being in the Cloud doesn’t mean you can’t have a view

Advanced DDI capabilities & visibility for your multi-cloud & private cloud environments

Keeping up with the cloud is a nightmare for network teams. DNS silos. Blind spots. Conflicts.

Cloud and DevOps teams are constantly standing up new compute in multi-cloud environments, tearing it down and moving workloads. Custom-built core network systems aren’t designed to scale up and down at the speed of DevOps.

While they are moving at lightning speed, you don’t want the network to be left holding the bag. Your team needs visibility of IP utilization to ensure you are seeing beyond network silos and blind spots in your hybrid cloud environment.

That’s why we’ve introduced BlueCat Cloud Discovery and Visibility.

Smart Discovery

End-to-end visibility across environments

Extend visibility from the datacenter to the cloud through automated discovery, inventory, and continuous synchronization of cloud-based IP and DNS configurations.

Rapid Response

No-fuss remediation using automation

Reduce time to remediate problems and shorten investigations by automating the reconciliation of IP addresses and DNS records.

Scalability & Performance

Unify tools, data, and teams

Accelerate application delivery and eliminate outages, with centralized management and integration with native DNS and IP configuration services for AWS, Azure, and GCP.

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