Flailing in the cloud?

The 2021 EMA cloud networking research report found that 72% of enterprises are struggling to realize the full value of their cloud investments. Find out how to avoid these challenges.

Get the facts.

Whether you’re in the C-suite or a cloud or network leader, this report is the first step toward bridging the gaps holding back your cloud success.

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Why do 72% of enterprises struggle to achieve the full value of the cloud?

Research by Enterprise Management Associates shows that many are getting a critical piece of it wrong: cloud networking. Integrating network infrastructure services teams into the cloud journey is imperative, but most just don’t do it.

Collaboration challenges between networking and cloud teams directly resulted in:

73% graph

Security and compliance issues at 73% of enterprises

89% graph

IT operations issues at 89% of enterprises

82% graph

Business-level issues at 82% of enterprises

This research explores why partnership between network and cloud teams is so critical, and provides advice on supporting it to optimize your cloud investment.

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