Get the most out of your DDI investment — with a little help from your fellow customers.
Critical conversations on critical infrastructure

Join our Slack community to meet hundreds of network & DNS experts fighting IT complexity every day.

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It’s why we’ve built two online communities, so BlueCat customers can ensure they’re getting the most out of their DDI investments.

BlueCat Labs

Our official GitHub community is where you’ll find our repository of certified automation workflows, community-built code, and out-the-box Adaptive plugins. You’ll also discover a vibrant community of BlueCat users, discussing everything and anything about DDI.

BlueCat Labs



BlueCat VIP Slack Community

If you’re a BlueCat customer with Slack, we recommend joining our VIP community channel.

It’s a super fast and convenient way to interact with other customers and BlueCat teams.

Here’s why you’re gonna love it:

Slack-speed collaboration

You guys are smart. You have a lot of wisdom to share. On Slack, you can share it in real-time, collaborating with us (and each other) to troubleshoot common issues.

A whole lot of perks

Slack community members get early access to releases, exclusive content and other perks. And by interacting with us and other customers, they’re among the first to find out what’s happening in our industry.

A direct line to our teams

Feedback should be a conversation. Our teams will be on Slack to receive your valuable feedback on our products and services — and talk through it with you.

Shoot us an email with your name, company & job title and we’ll send you an invite.

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