Device Registration Portal (DRP)

With the Device Registration Portal (DRP), register and track mobile and portable devices connected to your internal network.

What is it?

Device Registration Portal (DRP) is a standalone application that audits and tracks all devices trying to connect to the network. Administrators gain more control over which devices employees, contractors, or guests can use to connect to the internal network while eliminating heavy IT involvement in device registration.

The challenge

Given the rise in demand for BYOD and guest access, network administrators want more user access control of third-party devices. The growing number of devices makes it challenging to keep up with device registration and network security while providing user access across different systems. Without a way to centralize self-service registration, administrators face reduced IT productivity that impacts employees, contractors, and guests. They need a cost-effective solution that is tightly integrated to a single DDI platform.

Improve User Experience

Make it easy for users to access the network

Increase IT Productivity

Manage compounding device growth

Accelerate Security Response

Meet internal security requirements and stop threats

Key features

  • Self-service– A user friendly self-service web portal, with secure access using HTTPS (SSL)
  • Administration– manage devices with IP Lease Management through IPAM integration
  • User authentication– restrict or allow access to users through authentication services or optional guest access
  • Device on-boarding & off-boarding–  Rapidly and securely get devices onto and off of the network without IT involvement
  • Track & control – Easily blacklist mac addresses or users and limit the number of devices on the network