Cisco DNA Center

The BlueCat Cisco DNA Center Adaptive Plugin enhances visibility into IP address utilization to maintain uptime of critical applications and services.

What is it?

The BlueCat Cisco DNA Center Adaptive Plugin allows network teams to maintain a single source of truth by centralizing data from Cisco DNA into BlueCat Address Manager.The plugin does this via API by maintaining a real-time connection to Cisco DNA and updating BlueCat Address Manager to keep an accurate pool of IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.

The challenge

To help accelerate service delivery across the enterprise, network admins use multiple network provisioning tools and need visibility into IP utilization. Without a way to ensure BlueCat Address Manager has the most up-to-date IP address pool from Cisco DNA Center, conflicts in IP provisioning can occur. That means increased risk to network downtime and time-to-investigate outages for critical applications and services.

Consistent visibility

Maintain a single source of truth.

No service disruption

Seamless integration with Cisco DNA Center.

Scalability and performance

Accelerate application delivery and speed up the time to investigate issues.