BlueCat Server Role Management

BlueCat Server Role Management simplifies complex role and configuration management for DNS servers in large enterprises.

What is it?

The BlueCat Server Role Management plugin simplifies complex DNS server management by providing advanced role management, improved visibility, and efficient configuration changes for large-scale environments. With capabilities like grouping servers based on configurations and copying roles between servers, role assignment tasks become more manageable, reducing errors and downtime as organizational needs evolve. You can get comprehensive insight into DNS configurations and prevent misconfigurations between internal and external servers using the intelligent safety control feature. Additionally, this plugin seamlessly integrates with other systems using our REST API, providing enhanced interoperability and scalability.

The challenge

The risk of network downtime increases if DNS roles cannot be copied in an automated and accurate fashion across hundreds or thousands of BlueCat servers. The possibility of manual errors, such as assigning incorrect DNS roles to new servers or between servers that have similar roles, is high. Additionally, manual assignments cannot scale against fixed team sizes, leading to higher operational costs for NetOps. This can further impact the resilience of critical infrastructure and break established service-level agreements.

Increased efficiency

Streamline and scale DNS server role assignment tasks, such as copying roles between servers, to ensure consistency across configurations.

Reduced risk of errors

Minimize the risk of human error by providing a user-friendly interface and automated processes for managing DNS role configurations.

Enhanced visibility and control

Organize server DNS roles by zone grouping for better visibility and control of DNS role configurations and dependencies.

Improve compliance

Maintain compliance with internal policies and reduce the risk of audit violations with decreased chances of misconfiguration.

Enhanced collaboration

Enhance your BlueCat environment as your centralized platform for managing DNS server role configurations.


  • Advance grouping and filtering Flexible grouping of similar roles and filtering based on servers, zones, and views.
  • Intelligent role management Copy, combine, and update roles between similar servers and zones.
  • Enforced change controls Make the association between views and servers explicit to prevent accidental change.