Discover and control every cloud asset from one place

Cloud Discovery & Visibility gives you one automated DDI control panel for your entire on-premises and multicloud footprint.

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Move fast and make things

The speed of cloud adoption usually creates chaos for network teams—DNS silos, blind spots, conflicts, and more.

Cloud and DevOps teams need the flexibility to build and deploy the apps and services pushing your business forward across whatever cloud environment suits their needs.

But with legacy core services, you can’t see (much less control) the fastest and most dynamic elements of your IT infrastructure.

That’s what BlueCat Cloud Discovery & Visibility is for

Smart discovery

End-to-end visibility across environments
Automatically and continuously discover, inventory, and synchronize cloud-based IP and DNS configurations to your whole data center and multicloud footprint from one place.

Rapid response

No-fuss remediation using automation
Automate the reconciliation of IP addresses and DNS records to find and resolve issues faster.

Scalability and performance

Unify tools, data and teams
Centralize and integrate DNS and IP configuration services for AWS, Azure and Google Cloud to deploy apps faster and with fewer errors or outages.

Discover more with AWS Control Tower integration

Simple configuration

Maintain AWS keys associated with the enterprise AWS account to keep BlueCat up-to-date with real-time records and related information.

Zero touch automation

Accelerate resource discovery and data collection without manual intervention in accounts managed by AWS Control Tower.

Smart security

Automate access control for Address Manager and Cloud Discovery & Visibility using AWS policy inheritance rules.

Cloud Discovery & Visibility Resources

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