BlueCat Gateway

BlueCat Gateway is the enterprise automation platform that turns business logic into automated DDI workflows, and integrates with adjacent systems & technologies.

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Not in the mood to DIY?

Use our Adaptive Applications & Plugins to extend your current investment in the BlueCat ecosystem and third-party tools.

Integrate With Everything

Enable more self-service by giving IT greater visibility into any DNS related changes using ServiceNow, OpenStack or vRO, for change management and auditing.

Adaptive Catalog Tech Partners

the many integration options of Bluecat, within network, cloud and cybersecurity requirements

Provide self-service capabilities to end users making IT more accessible across the enterprise.

Adaptive Apps & Plugins

Access a robust automation library that facilitates complex automation tasks and integrates with 3rd party solutions to extend the value of existing solutions.

Highly Configurable
Automate the stand-up and tear-down of cloud and on-premises resources, enabling IT to respond faster to requests.

Automate Discovery & Visibility

Get visibility into resources and IP space in any public cloud, with conflict reconciliation in BlueCat Address Manager (BAM).

Cloud Discovery Guides


a screenshot of the discovery history within Bluecat address manager
Smart Discovery
Extend visibility from the data center to the cloud through discovery and continuous synchronization of cloud-based IP and DNS-resources.
Rapid Response

Reduce time to remediate problems and shorten investigations by automating the reconciliation of IP addresses and DNS records.

Scalability & Performance

Accelerate application delivery and eliminate outages, with centralized management and integration with native DNS and IP configuration services in public clouds.

Self-Healing & Failover

Automate backend functions, such as failover for BlueCat Address Manager, without human intervention.

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Complete Control

Align custom network emergency plans with flexible control over manual or automated DNS failover.

Smart Healing

Anticipate DNS server outages and automate the healing process to avoid business disruption.

Real-time Detection

Continuously monitor DNS servers to provide actionable insights when anomalies occur.

Unthrottled Automation Using BlueCat Gateway + Integrity

Centralizing DNS, DHCP, and IPAM across the enterprise means getting access to the data needed for true end-to-end automation.

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a screenshot of the bluecat integrity DDI address manager
Complete Visibility & Control

Easily manage DNS/DHCP servers, track and assign IP addresses, networks and hostnames, all from a single web-based interface.

Modern UI

A user experience that enhances visual elements for a more aesthetically pleasing, intuitive, and consistent interface.

Secure Access

Reduce security risks with federated identity through Single-Sign-On and flexible role-based access control.

Additional features

  • Easy Workflow Management
    Import/export workflows; import development workspaces from any Gitlab or GitHub repo, and use Snapshots to preserve workflows and safely rollback if needed. Learn More
  • Do-It-Yourself Workflows
    Create a custom workflow using UI Component Fields. Learn More
  • Adaptive Plugins & Applications
    Access an array of applications and plugins that help automate DDI tasks and integrate with 3rd party tools Learn More
  • Customize BlueCat Gateway
    Create a new GUI or REST API endpoints. Learn More
  • Self-Service
    IT service requests for device registration, onboarding, configuration, permissions management, or anything else you can imagine with built-in web forms.
  • Logging, Monitoring, and Reporting
    Easily get insight into endpoint health, server status, server logs, user behavior, and more. See DDI Reporting and Gateway Logging and Monitoring 
  • BlueCat Labs Community-Powered PlugIns and Workflows
    “Use at your own risk” open-source python scripts that can be found on BlueCat Labs, our Github repository

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