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Use our Adaptive Applications and Plugins to extend your current investment in the BlueCat environment and third-party tools.
What are Adaptive Applications and Plugins?

BlueCat Adaptive Applications are out-of-the-box applications that add additional DDI capabilities to the BlueCat Adaptive DNS platform. These apps are covered by BlueCat maintenance or subscription and designed with easy configuration options. Adaptive Applications are not covered under Gateway Support.

BlueCat Adaptive Plugins integrate the BlueCat platform with third-party IT applications and services, or automate everyday tasks and workflows. These plugins are covered under the Gateway Support Program.

Community offerings are open-source Python scripts that can be found on BlueCat Labs, our GitHub repository. These are not supported by BlueCat and are ‘use at your own risk.’ Anyone can contribute new community offerings or modify existing ones to suit their needs.

Technology Partners: DNS should work seamlessly with all your critical network applications – while boosting their functionality. We are always adding new technology partners to help you achieve that.

    BlueCat Hybrid DNS Update

    BlueCat Hybrid DNS Update automates DNS updates for hybrid cloud environments, so network teams can move at the speed of business.

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    BlueCat ServiceNow CMDB Plugin

    The ServiceNow CMDB enhances configuration management real-time visibility into BlueCat assets, improving ticketing automation and analysis.

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    BlueCat Overlay for Microsoft

    With BlueCat Overlay for Microsoft, get visibility into Microsoft DNS and DHCP servers by relaying information back to your BlueCat Address Manager server.

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    With the ServiceNow Adaptive Plugin, enable self-service IT requests with automated fulfillment, such as hostname and IP address provisioning.

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    Cloud Discovery & Visibility

    Discover cloud resources to integrate into the BlueCat platform, get updates in near-real-time, and automatically build DNS records and new target domains.

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    Adaptive Failover Package

    With BlueCat’s Failover Package, get the flexibility to manually control or automate DNS server failover when an outage is detected.

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    Global Server Selector

    With the simple UI in BlueCat‘s Global Server Selector, easily configure and update DNS for highly available services and distributed applications.

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    Device Registration Portal (DRP)

    With the Device Registration Portal (DRP), register and track mobile and portable devices connected to your internal network.

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    Enhanced visibility and resolution of errors and threats to help maintain resource uptime.

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    Get visibility into OpenStack managed networks in BlueCat Address Manager and seamlessly automate DNS provisioning of new compute instances.

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    Place BlueCat service points between your existing internal DNS resolution system and endpoints to pass query data to Splunk for further analysis.

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    DDI Reporting Package

    With the BlueCat Reports Package, eliminate manual data wrangling and glean data-driven, actionable insights from industry-standard network reports.

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    BlueCat offers REST endpoints to provide the information needed to provision servers.

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    Ansible Module

    With the BlueCat Ansible Module, extend the functionality of your Ansible playbooks to include automation of tasks within the BlueCat platform.

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    Cisco ACI

    With this workflow, populate BlueCat Address Manager with data from your Cisco ACI environment, and import ACI tenants and fabric devices for visibility.

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    Cisco Identity Services Engine

    Identify users by IP address or MAC address with this integration between BlueCat Address Manager, Cisco Identity Services Engine, and Palo Alto firewalls.

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    VMware NSX

    With VMware NSX, allocate and record IP address space to the virtual network, and auto-update DNS records as new services are spun up.

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    Cisco Umbrella

    BlueCat’s integration with Cisco Umbrella gives you the source IP of client devices and granular insights for rapid threat remediation and investigation.

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    Illusive Networks

    Get automated IP address provisioning that is synced with Illusive Networks’ deception technology, narrowing the circle of admins with the “need to…

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    IBM QRadar

    With IBM’s QRadar SIEM integration, pinpoint attacks and threats by getting detailed information about devices on the network using DNS and DHCP data.

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    With the Axonius integration, get visibility into network devices to assess risk, mitigate security gaps, and ensure compliance.

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    Technology Partners

    Browse our ecosystem of technical partners to find out which solutions interoperate with ours, and to see if you’d like your solution to be part of it.

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    Community Offerings

    The Adaptive DNS™ Company. BlueCat Labs has 10 repositories available. Follow their code on GitHub.

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