BlueCat Integrity

Get centralized control of core DDI services and insight into the relationship between devices, users and IP addresses across the enterprise.

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Scalability & Reliability Inside

BlueCat Integrity is BlueCat’s core offering, comprised of BlueCat Address Manager, our IP address management application, and authoritative DNS and DHCP servers.

BAM Guide BDDS Guide

Bluecat Integrity compromises of Address manager and DNS / DHCP server APIs

BlueCat Address Manager

Simplify IP address management into a centralized IPAM solution to manage and reconcile multiple IP spaces on-premises or in the cloud, while delivering scalable DHCP management with DNS.

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Complete Visibility & Control
Manage DNS/DHCP servers, track IP address assignments, network allocation, and resource records, all from a single web-based interface.
Modern UI

A user experience that enhances visual elements for a more aesthetically pleasing, intuitive, and consistent interface.

Role-Based Access Control

Ensure that only select users can create, manage, or delete host and c-names records, DHCP ranges, and reservations in BlueCat Address Manager.

Deploy & Scale Anywhere

BlueCat Integrity isn’t just for the traditional data center. Deploy in AWS, Azure, or GCP–or in all three.

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a graphic of Bluecat deployment options - AWS, GCP and Azure
Extend the Data Center

Manage IP address space and core network services, whether deployed on-premises or any cloud.

Integrate Anycast

Create an Anycast pool with both on premises and cloud-based DNS services to lower latency for both on premises and cloud-based DNS clients.

Disaster Recovery

Highly reliable backup, failover, and recovery options regardless of deployment in the cloud or on-premises.

Plug & Play Automation

With BlueCat Integrity providing network centricity, BlueCat Gateway provides the automation layer essential to improving operational efficiency, reducing repetitive DDI tasks, and integrating with third-party tools.

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a screenshot of the bluecat gateway automation and integration options available within the platform
Accelerate Time-to-Revenue

Innovate faster by adopting new technologies to deploy new applications and services faster.

Beat SLAs

Increase operational efficiency and rapid service delivery for day-to-day IT requests across the enterprise.

Complete Confidence

Eliminate manual errors by automating repetitive network configuration and provisioning tasks.

Additional features

  • Data Visualization & Reporting
    An instant view of your entire network structure and utilization statistics. Learn More Watch Video
  • Accessible APIs
    Use SOAP or REST APIs to automate configuration, reporting, monitoring, and alerts with BlueCat Gateway. See API Guide and DDI Reporting Package Guide
  • Role-Based Access Control
    Define users with different levels of access, including multiple administrative users. Learn More Watch Video
  • Easy Filtering 
    A helpful way to sort, search, and filter large tables of data to improve how you view and manage data from your network environment. Learn More
  • Response Policy Zones
    BlueCat Threat Protection leverages data from reputable third-party sources to provide protection against malicious domains and sites that employ malware, botnets, exploits, and spam. Learn More
  • Active Directory-Friendly
    Learn how Address Manager and DNS/DHCP Server integrates into this environment and find the closest or most appropriate Domain Controller (DC). Learn More
  • Simple BlueCat DNS/DHCP Server Management
    Easily add, configure, and work with various kinds of servers in Address Manager. Learn More
  • xHA Failover
    Create and manage DNS/DHCP crossover for reliable network uptime Learn More
  • DNS/DHCP Server RFC Compliance
    BDDS’s are unconditionally compliant with the applicable RFC standards. Learn More
  • Web Single Sign-On (SSO)
    With SAML-based Web SSO in Address Manager, all user login credentials are authenticated by the Identity Provider (IdP). Learn More

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