With the ServiceNow Adaptive Plug-in, enable self-service IT requests with automated fulfillment, such as hostname and IP address provisioning.

What is it?

The ServiceNow Adaptive Plug-in enables accurate self-service hostname and IP address provisioning for resources, helping to eliminate services outages and speed up IT SLAs. All ServiceNow forms leverage BlueCat data and cross-reference user inputs with IPAM to eliminate typos for ServiceNow change requests. To fulfill these requests, a DDI management pack enables ServiceNow Certified Apps to add/update/delete Host Records (A), Alias Records (CNAME), and IPv4 Addresses.

The challenge

To meet the growing demand for “routine” IT tasks, network teams need to empower users with self-service requests that can be automatically vetted, approved, and fulfilled. Without automated validation for requests, the volume of tasks becomes unmanageable, and errors more frequent, which can lead to poor SLA performance and stakeholder frustration across the enterprise.

Better User Experience

Unified requests and fulfillment from a single platform.

Accelerate Time-Revenue

Provide fast and reliable access to resources

Flexible Configuration

More control for provisioning and change requests

Reduce Risk

Ensure SLA are met and outages avoided


Host Records:

  • Add Host record
  • Modify Host record
  • Delete Host record

Alias Records:

  • Add Alias record
  • Modify Alias record
  • Delete Alias record

IP Addresses:

  • Add Static IP Address
  • Add DHCP Reserved IP Address
  • Modify IP Address
  • Delete IP Address


Admin Configuration

  • Make BlueCat configurations non-selectable for users.
  • Make BlueCat views non-selectable for users.

Real Time User Feedback

  • Auto suggest for Zones
  • IP address validation
  • Hostname validation
  • Mac address validation

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