Integrate DDI into your Cisco networking and cybersecurity toolkit

BlueCat and Cisco deliver the fully integrated, automation-driven, security-focused network you’ve been working toward. It’s time to start using core DDI infrastructure to achieve your business transformation goals by bringing it into tools like Cisco ACI, Cisco DNA Center, and Cisco Umbrella that you use every day.

Today’s IT enterprise must deliver highly complex functionality and security where users, devices, and data operate – at the network edge. Doing this requires a fully integrated network infrastructure powered by automation – one which operates seamlessly across environments.

As the core infrastructure behind all network communication, DDI systems are a critical component of the high performance systems end-users demand. It also provides a strong foundation for network security through the connections and usage patterns flowing through your systems every day.

Through its partnership with Cisco, BlueCat brings a depth of visibility and control which many network and security teams never thought possible. By fully integrating DDI into the network and security management systems you use every day, we’re helping customers deliver the agile networks their end users demand.

Cisco DNA Center

Simplify network management with intent-based networking

Cisco DNA Center delivers the elegant, intent-based networking solution IT managers need to simplify their operations. Through an integration with BlueCat’s core DDI platform brings that vision of intent-based networking down to the infrastructure level. Leveraging a single source of truth for DDI data and BlueCat’s automation-friendly architecture, network managers can bring a new level of efficiency to their day to day operations.

Key Benefits

  • Reduce manual errors and downtime through automated validation of IP addresses
  • Manage networks efficiently with automated allocation and management of IP addresses
  • Reduce network complexity by managing the entire IP address workflow through a single platform

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Cisco Umbrella

BlueCat and Cisco deliver a new level of context and actionable data which security teams can use to rapidly identify and mitigate threats.

How it works: BlueCat uses lightweight, client-facing DNS service points to collect granular information about devices and user activity right at the “first hop” in any network query.  BlueCat sends the source IP and additional client-level data to Cisco Umbrella so you can identify and mitigate threats quickly. BlueCat also applies security policies to internal, “east-west” queries. These policies can be informed by the context of external “north-south” policies shared by Cisco Umbrella back to BlueCat.

  • Find threats faster through rapid correlation of external threat data with source IP
  • Visibility and control over internal, “east-west” queries (around 60% of network traffic)
  • Cast a wider security net with enhanced threat intelligence
  • Reduce network costs and optimize SD-WAN performance by eliminating data center backhauls
  • Improve customer experience with fast, easy deployment – no matter what DDI solution is in place

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Cisco ACI™

Achieve automation efficiencies with BlueCat and Cisco ACI™

Cisco® Application Centric Infrastructure (Cisco ACI™), the industry’s leading software-defined networking solution, integrates with BlueCat’s enterprise-grade DNS automation platform so network managers get a centralized point of view that reduces the burden of managing complex DDI environments. Through this integration you can also share and synchronize subnets, IP addresses, and additional network information within the ACI fabric.

Key Benefits:

  • Enhance visibility by viewing DDI assets directly in Cisco ACI
  • Reduce manual data entry by synchronizing IP data automatically
  • Speed up troubleshooting by assessing your entire DDI infrastructure in a single view

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