BlueCat Health Monitoring

BlueCat Health Monitoring provides alerts and interactive health visualizations for DNS and DHCP servers to keep IT moving at the speed of business.

What is it?

BlueCat Heath Monitoring is an Adaptive Application that enables network admins to quickly explore critical DDI telemetry data and to discover and share deeper insights on database growth, user behavior, and infrastructure health. Using the HTTP REST API, BlueCat Health Monitoring provides the most important metrics at a glance, while monitoring, discovering, and visualizing health data from BlueCat DNS/DHCP servers.

The challenge

To maintain peak network performance and troubleshoot issues, network admins need to explore infrastructure telemetry and review alerts in real time. Without the aid of automated visual analysis and quick interaction with DNS/DHCP server data, network admins can be caught off guard when infrastructure issues arise. BlueCat Health Monitoring improves time-to-detect and aids in remediating database growth limits, zone health, and system load without the usual time-consuming manual mining of complex health data.

Intuitive exploration

Eliminate interruption to the flow of analysis with automated data mining and visualization.

Faster insights

Analyze data quickly and iteratively to get immediate feedback; customize your notification thresholds.

More control

Interact with complex data using powerful visualization and access data directly via API to integrate into existing workflows or third-party analysis tools.

Maintain order

Inform network decisions with deeper insights into storage, zones, dynamic DNS updates, and more.


  • HTTP API: Pull raw health telemetry data using the HTTP/S receiver endpoint, which processes monitoring data and checks for alarm conditions from BlueCat DNS/DHCP servers.
  • Notification REST API: Notify network teams using existing communication services (e.g., SMS, Slack, email, etc.) when user-defined thresholds are reached.
  • BlueCat Health Monitoring portal: A quick-access dashboard to view all monitored servers and configure alert thresholds across an extensive list of health metrics.