BlueCat Network Discovery

BlueCat Network Discovery provides visibility into assigned IP addresses across segmented networks for accurate network management.

What is it?

BlueCat Network Discovery provides network teams consistent visibility into the state of IP space utilization for segmented networks that use physical or virtual routers. It places discovery probes into multiple virtual routing and forwarding (VRF) environments with fragmented IP space or IP overlap and centralizes that data in BlueCat Address Manager.

The challenge

To move at the speed of business, network teams need to have an accurate view of IP assignments. Without a complete view, network teams cannot provide evidence of what devices are on the network for internal security or migration requirements. Also, network teams are less agile in resolving errors and this increases the risk of business disruption. In addition, without accurate IP address utilization data, IP provisioning conflicts are more frequent between devices. That means network teams cannot safely automate the assignment of IP addresses to critical applications and services.

Flexible deployment

Place a discovery probe in a separate network segment to quickly discover related IP space and centralize that data into BlueCat Address Manager.

Untethered updates

Reduce network downtime by upgrading Network Discovery without impacting BlueCat core products.

Maintain compliance

Understand the relationship between devices and IP space across segmented networks and take action to manage IP space and conflicts effectively.


  • Integrates with network devices: Uses SNMP to collect IP address information from switches and routers. Direct ping-based discovery is also available.
  • Network reconciliation policies: Configure policies in BlueCat Address Manager to automate the reconciliation of discovery results with existing data where appropriate, yet retain manual control where necessary.
  • VRF: Collect information from specific virtual router instances on network devices operating across multiple network segments.