Sunburst Webinar

Register now to learn more about how the Sunburst malware exploited DNS to execute its attack. You will also learn how Network and Security teams can leverage real-time DNS data in order to detect and defend against such threats.

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Sunburst/Solorigate Situation Briefing

January 21 @ 11AM EST

Reports indicate that the recent Sunburst/Solorigate attack impacted approximately 18k customers via trojanized updates to Solarwind’s Orion platform. Among the unique capabilities of the malware, the months-long attack made sophisticated use of DNS queries to look up Command and Control (C2) channel endpoints.

Network and Security teams are concerned about ongoing vulnerabilities, investigating the techniques used in the attack, and searching for ways to improve the defence of their critical infrastructure going forward.

In this 30-minute webinar, BlueCat CSO Andrew Wertkin and Software Security Director David Maxwell, will:

  • Explore how the Sunburst malware was able to exploit DNS in the recent attack.
  • Demonstrate how BlueCat Edge could have detected the manipulation of DNS queries and flagged the threat in advance


Andrew Wertkin

Chief Strategy Officer

David Maxwell

Software Security Director