BlueCat Edge

BlueCat Edge is BlueCat’s DNS resolver, providing unprecedented visibility and control of DNS traffic to optimize and secure your network.

Heading into the cloud?

See how your network can thrive in the complexity of the cloud

Tame Complexity Without Compromising Security 

Manage DNS forwarding rules governing hybrid cloud to deliver SaaS-based services fast, while monitoring IP addresses to protect the enterprise against cyber-attacks.

Edge Guide

Intelligent Forwarding

Optimize hybrid-cloud service delivery

Threat Detection & Remediation

Reduce time to detect, investigate, and remediate cyber-attacks

Customized logging
Meet internal data security compliance requirements

Hybrid Cloud & Intelligent Forwarding

Provision multiple resolution paths across a hybrid cloud environment to simplify DNS operations and improve network performance.

Namespaces Guide  Solution Brief Demo

Optimize DNS Resolution

Edge provides multiple DNS query resolution paths while simplifying the segmentation of DNS data.

Improved Network Performance

Reduce network congestion using Edge as both a caching and forwarding server.

Direct Internet Access
Use a cloud-managed solution to enable Direct Internet Access (DIA) for remote branch locations.

Secure The Enterprise

BlueCat Edge’s smart analytics and threat protection enables security teams to detect and stop data exfiltration like tunneling, beaconing to C2 servers, or evasive techniques like domain generation algorithms (DGA).

Watch a Demo Domain List Guide

Threat Protection

Seamless integration of security intelligence, including BlueCat DOH block lists, CrowdStrike, and other third-party threat feeds.


Extend Security Investments

BlueCat DNS Edge supports integration with Cisco Umbrella to leverage policy enforcement and content filtering for external traffic.

Cisco Umbrella Guide

Reduce Risk

Reduce breaches and outbreaks by securing local traffic going directly to the internet or SaaS apps.

Prevent Downtime

Enable faster remediation with real-time analytics and forensics of DNS traffic.

Complete Security

Detect & stop external threats (North-South), and lateral movement (East-West) of infected devices

Custom Logging

Log DNS events from all your Service Points to any data lake for valuable insights into your network activity that fits with your workflows.

Custom Logging Guide Edge for Splunk Guide 

Compressive Logging & Search

Filter parameters such as time-and-date or event type to explore policy events from your BlueCat Edge instance.

Policy Alerts

Easily view the list of all policies with description, policy action, and status within the Splunk app.

Secure Transport

Place your DNS data into any compliant public or private data lake to conduct advanced analytics.

Edge & Service Points

BlueCat Edge uses Service Points: a lightweight, cloud-managed software that sits at the network edge, enabling faster and more secure DNS resolution.

Service Point Guide

Deploy Anywhere
Deploy service points on BDDS, in virtual environments, and in cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP) environments to handle any client load.
Increase Visibility

Capture and log any internal and external queries from any client, branch, or user globally.

Complete Control
Control all DNS resolution paths while detecting malicious behavior and restricting access to critical internal resources.

Additional features

  • Control Access 
    Apply policies to control access for every client, block threats, and protect sensitive data and critical systems. Control the DNS resolution path for network optimization.
  • DoH Blocking
    Retain visibility into DNS queries by blocking lookups to known public DoH resolvers.
  • Threat Protection

    Enrich DNS data using out-of-the-box integrated threat intelligence from Crowdstrike to stop malware, DNS tunneling, and DGA threats that can exfiltrate data or take down the network.
  • Reporting and DNS Insights
    DNS Insights page displays a graphical analysis of all queries that have been received through the service points. Learn More
  • Namespaces and Forwarders
    Create an array of namespaces for complex networks. Learn More
  • Agentless Deployment
    Provide visibility, protection and control to any DNS-leveraging device, without the need to deploy and manage agents on those devices.
  • Zero-Touch Deployment
    Deploy unlimited numbers of virtual service points without making changes to your existing DNS infrastructure – at no extra cost.
  • Dynamic Scaling 

    Meet any collection, storage, and processing requirement without interruption and allow for local resiliency.
  • Logging
    Log every internal and external DNS query and response from every client type, providing investigative context — with no agent required. Learn More
  • Easy Policy Configuration 

    Allow admins to apply policies to block, redirect, or monitor DNS requests based on clients and resources being accessed. Learn More
  • Web Single Sign-On (SSO)
    With SAML-based Web SSO in Address Manager, all user login credentials are authenticated by the Identity Provider (IdP). Learn More

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