Deliver DNS like a boss!

BlueCat Integrity 9.3 enhances Adaptive DNS to provide audit data, ramp up automation, and enable cloud adoption without compromising on performance.

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Ramp Up Automation Like a Boss

Accelerate provisioning at scale and optimize performance, now with flexible deployment options.

  • Speed up deployments with automated appliance provisioning (featured video)
  • Scale reporting by sharing API load with a secondary BlueCat Address Manager
  • Free up resources for innovation by deploying Gateway as a service

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Accelerate provisioning
Automate configuration of BDDS service deployment to ensure consistency and reduce human error.
Free up resources
Leverage untapped processing power of secondary servers to optimize performance.
Deploy with ease
Deploy Gateway as a service on a BDDS to accelerate deployment of automation workflow, Adaptive Applications, and Plugins.

Manage Complex Networks Like a Boss

Confidently embrace diverse cloud and virtual architectures with centralized navigation of complex network relationships.

  • Navigate complex network relationships with user-defined links (featured video)
  • Improved visibility into DHCP lease states

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Centralize visibility
Rely on BlueCat Address Manager to document and navigate networks, eliminating the need for ad hoc databases.
Accelerate adoption
Quickly adopt cloud without worrying about navigating complex, overlapped relationships.
Gain quicker insights
Enhanced visibility of DHCP lease states enables faster troubleshooting and time-to-resolution.

Improved visibility & compliance

Stay compliant by capturing, maintaining, and exporting comprehensive audit data without compromising the performance of critical infrastructure.

  • Capture DNS query and response data on BlueCat DNS/DHCP Servers (featured video)
  • Export system-level audit data
  • Control audit data retention fields

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Improve visibility
Capture DNS requests and responses to aid security teams with incident response activities.
Securely archive
Send DDI data to any compliant SIEM or public or private data lake to conduct advanced analytics.
Increase resilience
Improve performance by exporting redundant stored audit data to the intended archive location or SIEM.

What’s all the buzz about Integrity 9.3?

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Kyle Roblyer

Director of Product Marketing

Brian Shorland

Sr Product Management Director

Integrity 9.3 Deep Dive

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