BlueCat evolves its DDI portfolio to empower IT and network admins

New features tame network complexity, reduce costs, improve security, and automate DDI tasks to drive rapid innovation.

TORONTO, April 7, 2022 (GlobeNewswire) — BlueCat Networks, the Adaptive DNS™ company, today announced a broad set of releases across its DDI portfolio to drive speed and efficiency, eliminate manual errors, and simplify migration to hybrid cloud.

BlueCat’s flagship product, Integrity, provides a management platform for DNS, DHCP, and IP address management (together known as DDI). Enterprises seeking to reduce service times will benefit from new automation tools that enable faster provisioning of DNS data using the 9.4 release. To learn more, view product demos of Integrity 9.4’s key features.

“Our suite of services is getting faster, more secure, and easier to use,” said Martin McNealis, BlueCat’s Chief Product Officer. “This helps our customers deploy key DDI services across their network environments — whether that’s branch or remote offices, cloud, or hybrid cloud. Wherever our customers conduct business, we’re helping them embrace automation to meet and beat service expectations.”

A BlueCat customer that manages IT for a large healthcare technology provider saw the benefits of these enhancements early on. “We can surface DNS and DHCP insights related to system reliability and availability faster than ever. Just over one million entities exported in 90 seconds,” they said, referring to the ability to query and return datasets in bulk.

Whether your enterprise supports banks, retailers, or universities, error-prone network configurations and provisioning tasks cost time and money, especially when there’s an outage. Branch DDI (part of the Edge 4.0 release) uses automation to centralize management and policy governance across multiple locations while providing local survivability.

Stefan Hungerbühler is the Co-CEO of Swiss-based Asecus AG, a BlueCat value-added reseller with extensive expertise in IT security for on-premises, cloud, and hybrid environments. “Manual workflows are stifling innovation and putting enterprises at risk,” Hungerbühler said. “BlueCat’s portfolio enhancements minimize downtime, reduce latency, and keep our customers’ businesses secure.”

How else can customers benefit from the new portfolio?

  • APIs that make search and return simple — Make faster and less resource-intensive calls to find and extract bulk data sets with a standard and easy-to-use data query language.
  • Improved analytics and reporting — Uncover threats sooner and trigger automated responses to avoid outages and breaches.
  • Future-proof infrastructure – Further enhancements to dual stack transport, plus new support for IPv6-only environments.

Visit our website for new features and capabilities coming to the BlueCat portfolio, including Integrity 9.4, Edge 4.0, Gateway 22.4 (full automation engine and rich API support), and Cloud Resolver, which simplifies DNS resolution in complex hybrid cloud environments.

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