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Unlock the full potential of your infrastructure with the new features & capabilities of Integrity 9.2

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Improve network availability

Ensure uptime with improved BAM high availability through streaming replication and scalability through leveraging the secondary BAM.

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Optimize your investments

Get full visibility & control of DNS traffic, stop threats faster and unify DDI without re-architecting your network or deploying new virtual infrastructure.

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Minimize risk & stop advanced threats

Expedite breach response and minimize downtime with integrated security intelligence from CrowdStrike with BlueCat Threat Protection.

Threat Protection

Enable Hybrid Cloud & Automation

Deploy DNS everywhere, gain visibility into how resources are consumed by DevOps, and enable automation to improve business performance.

Cloud Discovery

What you get with Integrity 9.2

Upgrading to BlueCat Integrity 9.2 enables you to gain visibility and centrally manage IP space, automate faster, ensure availability, prevent threats, and simplify management through a new user experience.

Upgrade now to:

  • Provision your cloud environments when, where, and how you need them
  • Gain single-pane-of-glass visibility into AWS resources from BlueCat Address Manager
  • Access enhanced APIs, Adaptive Plug-ins and workflows to streamline IP management and enable automation
  • Ensure business resilience with BlueCat Address Manager high availability
  • Enhance security to minimize risk and stop advanced threats
Operations & Performance
DNS Edge Service Point on BDDS
Single Sign-on (SSO)
BAM High Availability through streaming replication
Enhanced Network Templates
Improve monitoring with SNMP traps and logging
Hybrid Cloud & Automation
Multi-cloud deployment of BAM (Azure, GCloud, & AWS)BAM & BDDS AWSBAM & BDDS Azure & AWSBAM & BDDS Azure & AWS, BDDS GCloudBAM & BDDS Azure & AWS, BDDS GCloud
Cloud Discovery & VisibilityAWS
Adaptive Plug-ins & Workflows (Cisco ACI, Cisco DNA, Ansible and ServiceNow)Ansible only
Enhanced APIs for IP Management & Automation

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BlueCat DNS Integrity 9.2 & Gateway 20.3.1

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New Feature: BlueCat Cloud Discovery & Visibility

Limited Time Offer: BlueCat Threat Protection

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