Assisted Upgrade

Make your upgrade process painless with experienced BlueCat support every step of the way

Making and completing an upgrade shouldn’t be a complex and difficult process. Organizations often spend significant time and resources facilitating software upgrades, or in many cases are hesitant to even upgrade at all.

To help, BlueCat offers Assisted Upgrade packages designed with the customer in mind to make upgrading as easy as possible.

Our knowledgeable and experienced team makes sure the process is smooth and streamlined so you can focus on more important things.


From custom documentation to guide you along the way, lab testing of the upgrade to a desired version and having your own dedicated BlueCat resource to perform the upgrade, we’ve created several packages to meet the changing needs of our customers today.

We’ve created three packages designed with the unique needs of our customers in mind. Whether your business is small, mid-sized, or large, we offer a wide range of support and services to make upgrading as hassle free as possible:


Designed with the smaller environment in mind. It includes:

  • Pre-upgrade validation
  • Standard upgrade documentation
  • A BlueCat analyst to support your upgrade during the maintenance window


Need more customized support? The Preferred package includes:

  • Pre-upgrade validation
  • Custom upgrade documentation
  • Pre-upgrade lab testing on customer or BlueCat environment
  • A BlueCat analyst to provide assisted upgrade support during the maintenance window


Created for larger customers who require more hands-on support:

  • Environment assessment
  • Pre-upgrade validation
  • Pre-upgrade lab testing on customer or BlueCat environment
  • Custom upgrade documentation
  • Direct support from a dedicated BlueCat senior analyst who will also be available for any issues post-upgrade