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UK National Cyber Security Strategy

BlueCat Edge alignment to the UK National Cyber Security Strategy.

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DNS government solutions from BlueCat

When it comes to DNS, government agencies and their evolving IT networks can struggle to keep up. So when you think DNS government solutions, think BlueCat.

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BlueCat Migration Case Study: Federal System Integrator

Here’s how BlueCat migrated a spin-off of a Federal System Integrator with zero downtime.

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Core Network Services Case Study: Federal System Integrator

Here’s how BlueCat built a new DDI architecture for a Federal System Integrator following a large merger.

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DNS-Based Security: A New Model for FISMA Compliance

DNS data is an extraordinary valuable – and surprisingly underutilized – source of information that gets to the heart of FISMA compliance. Get the…

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The .ORG Domain Sale: Explained

Private equity firm Ethos Capital plans to buy the domain registry responsible for .org domains. Here’s why this matters.

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The role of DNS in CMMC compliance

This datasheet provides a quick overview of how DNS security plays into the CMMC controls, and how BlueCat promotes compliance.

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DoD’s JEDI cloud contract is awarded. Now what?

Microsoft won DoD’s huge JEDI cloud contract (for now). BlueCat can help agencies prepare their networks for the coming migration to the cloud.

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Case Study: U.S. Government Laboratory

A U.S. Department of Energy laboratory complex approached BlueCat to centralize and automate their network to support collaboration among scientists…

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What We Learned at DODIIS

Another fantastic DODIIS conference is in the books, and BlueCat learned a ton about how DNS plays into the strategic priorities of the defense and…

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Preparing for the Gradual JEDI Revolution at DOD

Now that DOD’s huge JEDI contract has been awarded to Microsoft, DOD agencies should really start thinking about how they are going to use cloud…

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Kaspersky Lab Software Gone? Think Again

With a series of leaks about high-level security incidents and revelations about the company’s potential connections to the Russian government, Kaspersky…

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