DNS government solutions from BlueCat

DNS is the foundation of automated, secure, and resilient government networks.

When you need DNS government solutions, think BlueCat

When it comes to DNS, government agencies and their evolving IT networks can struggle to keep up. IT admins need powerful tools to effectively manage DNS, DHCP, and IP address management (IPAM)–the fundamental components of network infrastructure.

Powerful tools to manage networks

The domain name system (DNS) is critical to how your .gov top-level domain works. But your DNS servers and the DNS records they hold can quickly become a lot to manage. And when you add thousands of IP addresses to the mix, it gets unwieldy.

With Adaptive DNS from BlueCat, you can automate day-to-day administrative tasks for DNS, DHCP, and IPAM (together known as DDI). It provides a single and scalable management portal for all DNS information, preventing errors that can result in network outages.

DNS is vital to cybersecurity strategy

Ninety-one percent of malware uses DNS to establish command and control, navigate network pathways, and exfiltrate sensitive data. DNS is vital to any cybersecurity strategy. Only a defense in depth that includes DNS can protect government networks from advanced persistent threats, malware, and hackers. 

Adaptive DNS gives you complete visibility and control over your DNS traffic. Furthermore, you can take immediate action against threats and easily meet cybersecurity compliance standards.

Make critical infrastructure more resilient

As government agencies move into the cloud, they often struggle with network outages and slowdowns caused by increasing complexity.

With Adaptive DNS, you can minimize downtime, cut latency, and seamlessly manage DNS across your hybrid cloud and on-premises enterprise. It provides dynamic, real-time views of your DNS data and improves user experience through features like proximity-based steering.

Deploying BlueCat’s DNS government solutions

BlueCat solutions for DNS management are deployed at a variety of U.S. federal, state, and local government agencies. And on multiple classification levels and network architectures. As a result, our government customers are empowered to do more with the infrastructure they already own.

AWS Public Sector Partner Program

BlueCat is proud to be the only provider of DNS management tools on AWS GovCloud and AWS Marketplace. We provide U.S. government agencies with the ability to seamlessly manage their DNS assets wherever they might reside. Our platform is offered at all classification levels. That includes Unclassified (AWS East/West and AWS GovCloud), Secret (SC2S GovCloud), and Top Secret (C2S GovCloud).

Integration with SIEM providers

The BlueCat platform integrates with all of the major security event and information management (SIEM) providers used by federal government agencies. BlueCat brings additional value to the SIEM platforms that government agencies already own. For example, our ability to track DNS data in real-time can turn it into responsive action against threats.

Flexible purchasing options for federal agencies

U.S. federal procurement officers can purchase BlueCat products through a variety of contracting vehicles, distributors, and 8(a) channel partners. BlueCat uses DLT and immixGroup as its federal distributors. Our contract vehicles include CIOCS, GSA IT 70, MD COTS 2012, NCPA, OMNIA, SEWPV, and TIPS.

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