DNS Automation: Adding host records with ServiceNow

With the ServiceNow-certified BlueCat DDI Service Catalog, you can automate adding host records in ServiceNow and streamline your IP address management.

Handling one of the simplest IP management requests—adding a host record—still takes time and effort for a network admin to complete. That time and effort can be compounded in a ServiceNow workflow environment, where an IT admin might have to review a work request, validate it, execute the work themselves, and then respond to close it out.

Enter the ServiceNow-certified BlueCat DDI Service Catalog, which is now available in the ServiceNow store. It facilitates an easy connection to BlueCat Address Manager, automating the process for the management of DNS records and IP addresses. With this new integration with ServiceNow, DNS management gets a whole lot easier.

BlueCat has a roadmap and plan for additional use cases, features, and configurability. Is there a ServiceNow use case you’d like BlueCat to address?  We’re all ears.

How it works

Download the app from the ServiceNow store and the REST API image from quay.io. After installing the app and configuring the REST API intermediary, log into the ServiceNow Service Portal and select BlueCat Gateway from the Service Catalog.

Search for and select your configuration, your view, and your zone. Then, enter an IP address and hostname click Submit.

That’s it! You’ll notice it does all the requisite validation for you. No back and forth with your network team over typos, IPs in networks that don’t exist, or host records already in the system.

You can bring your own approval process to the table, deciding who should approve what and when.

Want to see what else BlueCat can do? Explore additional BlueCat Adaptive Plug-ins.

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