DNS Automation:  Adding Host Records with ServiceNow

Handling one of the simplest IP management requests—adding a Host record—still takes time and effort for a network admin to complete. That time and…

Handling one of the simplest IP management requests—adding a Host record—still takes time and effort for a network admin to complete. That time and effort can be compounded in a ServiceNow workflow environment, where an IT admin might have to review a work request, validate it, execute the work themselves, and then respond to close it out.

Enter the certified BlueCat Gateway Add Host Record app, which is now available in the ServiceNow store. It works with BlueCat Gateway to facilitate an easy connection to BlueCat Address Manager, automating the process for adding records.  With this new integration for ServiceNow, DNS management gets a whole lots easier.

BlueCat Gateway acts as the middle layer between ServiceNow and Address Manager’s API. It knows how to handle the decision trees, errors, and other things that might happen in the process. It can smooth those all out and make it easier for ServiceNow to understand it.

Users currently build out their forms in ServiceNow, owning the end user interface and process. At the same time, ServiceNow as a platform was not built to process hundreds of lines of code for complex business tasks.  Using Gateway as an intermediary shifts all of this hard work to Address Manager.

An important note: This is only the start of our ServiceNow integration package and is not the only way to integrate Gateway with standard DNS ticket requests received through ServiceNow.

We will soon expand this offering to handle more complex implementations, such as scheduling Gateway to access unaddressed Service Now tickets. Is there a ServiceNow use case you’d like us to address?  We’re all ears.

How it works

Download the app from the ServiceNow store and the itsm_api workflow from GitHub (https://github.com/bluecatlabs/gateway-workflows/tree/master/Community/itsm_api). After installing the app and configuring the workflow on Gateway, log in to the ServiceNow Service Portal and select BlueCat Gateway from the Service Catalog.

ServiceNow DNS Integration



Search for and select your configuration, your view, and your zone.

ServiceNow DNS Integration 02

Enter an IP address and hostname click Submit.

That’s it!

You likely will need to have an approval process attached to this, where a ServiceNow admin must approve the change request like any other in the system.

Want to move beyond Service Now DNS?  Explore additional BlueCat integrations.


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