DNS Automation: Adding host records with ServiceNow

With the ServiceNow-certified BlueCat DDI Service Catalog, you can automate adding host records in ServiceNow and streamline your IP address management.


That\u2019s it! You’ll notice it does all the requisite validation for you. No back and forth with your network team over typos, IPs in networks that don’t exist, or host records already in the system.<\/p>\n

You can bring your own approval process to the table, deciding who should approve what and when.<\/p>\n

Want to see what else BlueCat can do? Explore additional BlueCat Adaptive Plug-ins<\/a>.<\/p>\n\n\n

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Last updated on April 29, 2021.

BlueCat acquires Men&Mice and Indeni to add important capabilities in DDI orchestration and network infrastructure resiliency to improve visibility and management of networks.Learn more