Our commitment to Micetro customers and product investment

From CEO Stephen Devito, a word on BlueCat’s ongoing commitment to supporting Micetro customers and Micetro’s evolution as a network management tool.

Earlier this year, BlueCat acquired Men&Mice and its DDI orchestration solution, Micetro. The move was part of our strategy to greatly accelerate BlueCat’s growth.

BlueCat is a leading provider of mission-critical network and cloud infrastructure software for reliable and secure DNS, DHCP, and IP address management (together known as DDI). Acquiring Micetro provides us with an industry-leading orchestration system and enhances our DDI management portfolio.

In today’s IT landscape, acquisitions can generate concern in the market. This happens because the intention of the acquirer isn’t transparent and isn’t aligned with the standalone strategy of the acquired company. Further, we have heard that our competitors are leaning into this fear. This is generating confusion about Micetro’s future.

So, to be clear: Micetro is not going away. On the contrary, we are deeply invested in its evolution as an intuitive solution for network management.

Meeting the needs of a market segment

There are segments of the market that want feature-rich IP address management. They also want the ability to orchestrate across existing DNS and DHCP solutions. We do not believe a full appliance-based approach for DDI is the correct solution in every case. We acquired Micetro to meet the needs of that market segment.

Furthermore, while the Micetro solution has always had dedicated DNS and DHCP appliances for customers looking for a hybrid approach, we are replacing those appliances with BlueCat DNS and DHCP servers. This ensures that the Micetro team can focus completely on orchestration while having industry-leading DNS and DHCP servers where applicable.

It has been an absolute pleasure to meet Micetro customers, see the incredible value that the platform delivers, and validate the product roadmap.

Integrating the Micetro team and welcoming customers

The Micetro team is passionate, proud, and highly capable. Now, as part of BlueCat, the entire team is working together and learning from each other. Integrations aren’t without bumps in the road, and we want your feedback. We have invited Micetro customers to join a dedicated channel in Network VIP (NVIP). As our thriving Slack community, NVIP offers network professionals a space to collaborate, troubleshoot, and ask questions, regardless of what solutions you are using.

For current Micetro customers, thank you for your trust and support during this period of transformation. No matter the size of your network or your stage of network modernization, BlueCat offers the solutions you need to embrace network automation and cloud adoption while simplifying your DDI management.

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