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What is BlueCat Edge?

Edge is our DNS resolver, providing unprecedented visibility and control of DNS traffic to optimize and secure your network. Learn more about the use cases:


Tame the complexity of cloud-native DNS

Automate the manual process of managing private links and conditional forwarders for hybrid and multi-cloud endpoints in AWS, Azure, and GCP.

Protect against upstream DNS disruption with local survivability

Deploy self-reliant DNS on existing branch and campus network infrastructure to maintain internal DNS resolution.

Maximize Branch Office infrastructure

Take control over DNS resolution performance…

Support SD-WAN initiatives by segmenting DNS to eliminate bottlenecks at the data center for endpoints that need a shorter path to resources, such as Office 365, Salesforce, Direct Internet Access, and more.


…and over DNS migration.

Simplify DNS migration from legacy systems, without downtime, by using BlueCat to automatically capture and add DNS data to BlueCat Address manager.


Scale DNS without compromising on resilience

BlueCat Edge uses Service Points: a lightweight, cloud-managed software that sits at the network edge that can be spun up or down on demand to provide resilient and secure DNS.

Surround any query with threat protection

Seamless integration of security intelligence, including BlueCat DoH block lists, CrowdStrike, and other third-party threat feeds.

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