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What is BlueCat Edge?

Edge is our DNS security solution that reduces cyber threats from denial of service, domain generation spoofing, and other DNS hijacking threats. Edge also helps you implement Zero Trust DNS security enforcement. A major telecommunications provider and BlueCat customer recently saved almost $1 million on their cybersecurity insurance premiums by deploying BlueCat Edge.

Detect and block DNS attacks faster at the first hop of your network

Deploy BlueCat Edge in network and cloud environments to keep attacks from entering or propagating within your network and implement Zero Trust DNS network security policies.

Secure DNS without compromising network resilience

BlueCat Edge uses Service Points: a lightweight, cloud-managed software that sits at the network edge and can be spun up or down on demand to provide resilient and secure DNS.

Improve visibility of DNS security threats with your existing security tools

Seamless integration of DNS query, block lists, and threat data with your security intelligence solutions, including Splunk, CrowdStrike, and other third-party threat feeds.

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