2020 Networking Trends Report

Driving NetOps 2.0 with DNS insights

NetOps teams are increasingly required to drive rapid changes to the network in support of their business’ digital transformation efforts.

This report looks at one of the most powerful—and underused—tools NetOps teams have for dealing with this challenge: DNS data.

Often overlooked, DNS data contains untapped insights that NetOps teams can leverage to improve security, optimize performance, uncover potential cost savings—and demonstrate value.

Find out how

What’s inside?

By taking a deep dive into a representative sampling of over 5 billion DNS queries, our experts have discovered hidden keys to making businesses agile, secure, and efficient. Read the report to discover:
  • How NetOps teams are already using insights from DNS analysis to drive efficiency and innovation
  • Why traditional KPIs aren’t pulling their weight for NetOps teams (and the new KPIs they should be using to prove value)
  • The security value of DNS data—how it can be analyzed to identify threats and vulnerabilities and inform targeted security policies

Find out exactly how DNS data can help your NetOps team support digital transformation. Just fill in your contact details below to receive the report.