Internal Dysfunction Puts Your Network At Risk

In this exclusive research report with IDG (International Data Group), we surveyed hundreds of networking and cybersecurity professionals to understand how the tug-of-wars, finger-pointing, conflicting objectives, and misunderstanding between these two teams is costing you.

A House Divided
Key Findings

If your company is like 86% of organizations, you have trust issues.

Report highlights include:

  • How the cross-departmental tug-of-war over security responsibilities is making you less secure
  • Repercussions faced by organizations as a result of internal dysfunction
  • The common ground networking and cybersecurity teams can tackle for better collaboration
  • The benefits of integrating cybersecurity and networking teams
  • How some of North America’s leading global organizations are approaching security in a new light
Are you at risk?

Breaches. Outages. Spiraling Costs.

Most of those surveyed admitted paying the price for dysfunction between their network & cybersecurity teams. This includes: breaches, data loss, outages, increased costs, and more.

What’s really to blame?

Many blame the failed exercise in teamwork on conflicting objectives, unequal network visibility, and siloed organizational structures. All this results in overlapping responsibilities, tug-of-wars, duplicated work, and unidentified security gaps.

A Path Forward

The good news is that both cybersecurity and networking teams want to collaborate more. Those that do are reaping the benefits that comes with greater network visibility.

“Integration of the cybersecurity and network teams would greatly increase productivity, streamline processes, and increase delivery speed of solutions.”

– Survey respondent, Security

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