Does your network have a single point of failure?

“Mr. DNS” or “DNS Queen”, you know who they are. They probably built the DNS architecture, and have patched and configured it manually over the years. They’re the go-to person for everything DNS-related. While that’s a big burden to carry, relying on a single person also puts the entire network at risk.

Don’t Rely on Mr. DNS

The [Unofficial] Job Description

This person joined the team in simpler days. When no one paid DNS a second thought. It was just there, in the background.

Over the years, people started asking the network team for things that Microsoft DNS wasn’t built for. So your “Mr. DNS”, being a reliable problem solver, just started writing custom scripts to compensate. And it worked – for a while.

But thanks to cloud, DevOps, virtualization, and other strategic initiatives, project demands got more complicated and, with it, the patchwork of solutions. It got harder for them to keep up with the day-to-day requests that should be automated.

Despite all their hard work, the network became a Jenga of custom scripts and fixes that – cruel irony – doesn’t support the automation that could alleviate their workload. Of course, the one person that is intimately familiar with all that manual configuring has become indispensable. But now the simple tasks and the strategic projects are at the mercy of their bandwidth. And that’s a problem.

So get ready for the heavy question…
What happens if they win the lottery? Move companies? Retire next year? Or just take a vacation?

Your network is up a creek without a paddle.