Restore order to fragmented DNS in hybrid cloud

Centralize DDI data, maintain authority in the cloud, and tame complex DNS forwarding rules to quickly take back visibility and control over DDI.

Centralize DDI data across any cloud

Network teams need automated visibility into IP utilization to ensure they can see beyond network silos and blind spots in a hybrid environment. In this solution overview, see how BlueCat Cloud Discovery & Visibility:

  • Provides visibility of all resources
  • Reconciles records to limit conflicts and errors
  • Centralizes management and integration with popular clouds

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Gain complete visibility

Extend visibility from the datacenter to the cloud through automated discovery and continuous synchronization of IP space and DNS configurations.

Rapidly respond

Reduce time to remediate problems and shorten investigations by automating the reconciliation of IP addresses and DNS records.

Scale and perform

Accelerate application delivery and reduce service delivery delays with centralized integration of the most popular clouds.

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Maintain consistency and authority in any cloud

Hybrid and multi-cloud architectures can present unique challenges for network teams. Learn how BlueCat’s solution allows you to:

  • Automate the deployment of DDI into any cloud with Terraform
  • Centralize control by placing an authoritative BDDS in any cloud
  • Ensure record changes are consistently deployed and reconciled

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Accelerate provisioning

Treat infrastructure as code to provision an authoritative server in AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud.

Lower latency

Bring DDI closer to where applications and services live to improve service delivery.

Centralize control

Centralize control over DNS to guarantee accurate records wherever changes occur.

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Tame complex forwarding rules

Eliminate DNS silos and simplify complicated DNS forwarding rules across multiple environments with creative and intelligent control over DNS resolution. In this solution overview, learn how BlueCat DNS Edge makes it easy to:

  • Standardize how DNS is managed across multiple cloud vendors
  • Ensure queries are always answered with Intelligent Forwarding
  • Maintain the integrity and security of forwarding servers

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Optimize DNS resolution

Provide multiple DNS query resolution paths while simplifying the segmentation of DNS data.

Improve network performance

Reduce network congestion using Edge as both a caching and forwarding server.

Enable Direct Internet Access

Use a cloud-managed solution to enable Direct Internet Access for remote branch locations.

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